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  1. Here is my specific situation, I am graduating from college and returning to my home country in south america and wanted to see the quality of these hooks before placing a large order so that I could get them before I leave the USA for good in two weeks...its a shame those didnt come in quicker as they would have been what would have convinced me to bring my business here rather than my current source...no harm no foul I guess...
  2. I never got my order Placed on April 10th. The order number is #200001313
  3. Thanks guys - by now ive had the Nor-Vise for a while and if I may say so I have gotten fairly proficient in its use...i didnt really think it had a steep learning curve but then again I was never much good with a regular vise anyways...was just learning how to tie...I think its an excellent vise and an excellent investment...
  4. We dont really cast, at all...we are under power but basically just plop lures into the water and let line out and start trolling... A rapala might be more effective, but I would really like to catch some of them with a fly and like bringing fish in with a fly reel, palming the reel, and in general, fishing with fly tackle... They are just two methods of bringing line in...I would prefer to bring the fish in using what I believe to be the harder one...thats basically all the justification - I - need...
  5. Ive got one as well, take it on every trip I go and then promptly forget about it when I get there...its still in the back seat of my truck as we speak...
  6. I was thinking about an intermediate sinking line or a floating line with a little more weight on the fly itself to get it swimming deeper...greatly relieved to hear that its somewhat of a (common?) thing to do and that the stress on the rod will not be too much...thanks again guys! greatly appreciate it.
  7. Ive got a question about rod strength and use/application. I am originally from Paraguay in South America and have several friends who are fishermen. We normally do some trolling for Dorado or as some of you may have heard it referred to as, Golden Dorado. We generally use medium to medium/heavy rods and abu garcia reels and troll some mid-water lures but since I have recently joined the fly-fishing addiction I want to fish these with a fly rod. Where my troubles begin is that I do not have a boat of my own and normally am limited to going with them when they go, and I do not wish to impose a different style of fishing on them. My question is, will a 10wt or even something heavier like a 12 or 14wt rod be able to take the strain of trolling ? Are there any risks ? More specifically, I am thinking about a TFO rod, and a heavy duty reel such as an Abel Super 10-14 I do not want this to turn into a discussion of purists vs...well, me... I just want to know if this is doable and practical, since they are very good friends of mine and would like to continue going fishing with them but take these fish with a fly rod instead of conventional tackle. If need be, I will leave the fly rod at home and fish with conventional tackle in this specific scenario...
  8. That is one good looking fish...great soundtrack too!
  9. That is some SLOPPY tying. Please send those to me immediately for their appropriate disposal and so you don't have to look at them anymore while repeating mistakes. XD Just kidding Great looking spiders...Practice makes perfect. They look great to me but if you think there is room for improvement, go for it!
  10. I would like to be part of this exchange...how do I get in ? just list my address ? do I get PMed by someone ?
  11. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=fly+tying+clover+bench
  12. That was my justification...when I heard complaints I proposed the following: Would you rather me being at a bar spending $40 for drinks and risking stupidity or have my butt at home in front of the TV tying ? The expense is the same or less with tying, I have more fun...and you dont have to worry about where I am...win win to me...
  13. http://www.stripersonline.com/t/836819/tarpon-leader-stretcher-box
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