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  1. My first fish on the swing.. Super stoked
  2. That is correct all the same drag system just with different quality a of metal/machining. Great reels. I have one I use with my single handed 8 wt. for pyramid lake. Which is salty sandy and alkaline. It has stood up great so far with just giving it a wash under tap water after each use.. Go American!
  3. Some synthetic clousers tied on stainless hooks. Making something durable for the mackinaw.
  4. Nice brownies crackle! Here's one of two mackinaw I caught off the shore of donner lake on Monday on a white estaz wooly worn usually used for pyramid lake..
  5. Hey Dan, very nice double articulated streamers. Any chance of get a materials list. I'd love to try it. Thanks, Miles
  6. Haha thanks, yeah that was the smaller one of the day my buddy got one about 12 pounds.. First time getting one on a fly, so much fun! They're so challenging, way more than trout.. I'll be going back out there again!
  7. Carping around in some urban waters.. .
  8. Dental dams? Haha, I didn't even know those where a real thing!
  9. Haven't posted in a while, been working an fishing.. Not so much tying. Here's a few from my day off. Some balanced leeches for pyramid lake, and a sz. 12 for general Lake stripping..
  10. Hmm.. Would it be a specific blank?
  11. Agreed, beautifully tied cream.. You coat your front of your head with something?
  12. Haven't posted in a while. Been pretty busy.. Here's a few bwo nymphs tied on a sz. 18 2488h tiemco.
  13. I have the same rod. Love it. On mine I have a lamson guru. Also love it. Mostly use it at pyramid lake. Although not saltwater, it is alkaline. It's done really well one some fish in the 10 pound range. It's made in Idaho and is in your price range. Just another idea
  14. It's a beauty, I can see that fenwick grip being petty sweet on a smaller rod like that! Is that meant to be a thumb groove? Well done as always Steve!
  15. Apperently, this fly was designed by cal bird for my home waters the truckee river. This is also one of my favorite caddis patterns but I particularly like it in olive. I think what I like about the pattern most is the fact that is is very subdued, most new caddis patterns have a lot of flash in them. When the water is as clear as it is on the truckee flash does nothing but spook fish. Also I like the simplicity of the tie, very easy to knock out a bunch in one tying session. -Miles
  16. The season for pyramid runs from October through April. But there's still plenty of good trout fishing to be had all summer around these parts. If you make it out let me know, I got plenty of good spots up my sleeve
  17. Thanks mike. Yeah it's an interesting fishery, you'll wanna have waders at least, there's some spots where you don't really need a ladder though. If you ever are in Stockton decide make the trek lemme know. Maybe I'll meet you out there, I might even bring an extra ladder!
  18. Pyramid lake yesterday.. The big one we estimated at 8-9 pounds. Finally had a good day there after many days of slow fishing, throughout the day I landed another 7 fish one other a little bit smaller than the one in the picture.. It's amazing what a little weather can do for that lake..
  19. If you don't mind spending the money try the rio perception line. It's suppose to be ultra low stretch line which help with casting, hooksets, mends, ect. Something a little less expensive would be the rio grand, it's designed to be used with fast action rods and is a full line weight heavier then the standard to help load that fast action rod better.
  20. I agree with bob Nelson, I will be getting one this summer. Also, those flies are nice. You make me want to try to tie some. Thanks for posting.
  21. Ah man, this is my kinda swap.. Too bad I missed out on this one. Nice flys guys! I'm gunna have to keep a closer eye on these threads. Hope to get in on the next one! -Miles
  22. I did a little at my local lake this last fall. From the short time I got to fish for em I found out white is by far the most productive color. I had my best luck with a white estaz wolly worm, but the biggest one I caught was on a white clouser with a red throat. Yes you can fish for them deep in some lakes during the summer, but not the lake that I was fishing. They tend to hang out in 80-120 ft. Say what you want but that's too deep for my liking. Plus, the boat traffic would be very off putting. In the fall they where in about 5-20 ft. Like stated. I have fished for them a little in the spring and I've found that the fish in close tend to be bigger. As for structure, they tend to like drop-offs and rocky bottoms among other areas. The one I took home had a belly full of crawdads, which was interesting as I was expecting it to be full of baitfish. But when I thought about it, it makes sense because they're very abundant in that lake and are in that 5-10 ft of rocky water. Just some food for thought. -Miles
  23. Yeah that's pretty good for the price. I'd probably spray paint it or put stickers on it or some tho.. Haha.. What about holes for draining water tho? I guess if ur just off the boat or if you just stay in shallow water you should be ok..
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