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  1. Wow guys!! Thanks a million!! You guys came through in fine style as always!!
  2. Danville Spiderweb vs. Uni Trico 17/0 vs. Uni Caenis -- Any thoughts???
  3. Maybe wrap your material up closer behind your conehead onto some wet superglue so you need less thread wraps behind the conehead. Your response to his post should be "that pink thread behind the conehead represents gills", never admit to a screw up, LOL!!! But always take in all advice and only keep what works for you.
  4. SWEET FLY!! Now color it in olive as a sculpin, silver as a minnow, and tie it in varying sizes. I'll PM you with my order, LOL!
  5. Just pluck or cut off the feathers that have he biots on them and cut or pull off the biots when u need'em.
  6. My first rotary vise is the Anvil Atlas. I love it! Probably won't ever own a different vise. I've contacted Wolff Industries since they bought the advertising anf manufacturing rights and they assured me that the design has not and will not change. You can buy any replacement parts you need directly from them so your vise will never need to be replaced. This vise is bomb proof! As evidenced by how I treat everything I own, I use my stuff hard! I got it because of the range of hook sizes (32-7/0) that the stock jaws can hold. $125 new on ebay!
  7. Toss up between medium size (18 or 20) pheasant tail or natural color San Juan Worm.
  8. Good call JS! No matter how much of a cheapskate I am I would at least go to the craft store if you're that against going to the fly shop but there certain things you should probably just get at the fly shop, thread, chenille, hackle, etc.
  9. I don't even use "tippet" at all. I go to Wal-Mart and buy Berkley Vanish Fluoro fishing line in 2, 4, 6, and 10 lb test for about $5 for 110 yards instead of $10-$15 for 30 yards of "tippet" material and just load it onto the tippet spools i already have. Tippet, in my humble opinion, is a rip off. Kind of like some other fly tying/fly fishing materials and equipment. Now, before all you guides/shop owners/writers get all pissy, I have to do this, my family's finanicial status depends on me cutting corners where I can. I also buy $10 fly lines and non-labeled equipment (rods, reels, tools, etc.) on ebay for as cheap as I can find them.
  10. How heavy are yours? I can hike/fish a creek with uneven terrain all day in my new Korkers and it not seem like i'm even wearing hiking boots.
  11. I currently own and use my all time favorite boots right now. Korkers Kling-on. The reason is not because they are Korkers, it's because they have the Boa Lacing System. It's every bit as good as they say it is. Easy on-easy off, easily cleaned and replaced if need be.
  12. 2 WORDS: CASTING LESSONS!!!! They're worth every penny that you spending on them. I won a raffle years ago for a private 1 hour casting lesson from the man himself, Lefty Kreh, and he had me casting 70 feet in 15 minutes only with the 2 tip sections of the rod he had. Understandably, I was very lucky to hav won that lesson but go to your local fly shop because most offer lessons on everything from bug ID to casting lessons or can point you the right way. I'll say it again, WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!
  13. This is one tool that I will actually spend money on instead of trying to find the best deal. I use Dr. Slick scissor clamps with an eye poker. This setup is 3 tools in one, hemo, line cutter, and eye poker for about 20-25 bucks depending on where you shop.
  14. The only thing I would say is that your body needs to be better proportioned, it needs to be equal 1/3 sections. And the stuff that you said. What kind of hook did you use? The shank seems a bit long for a dry fly.
  15. Here's the Winnie the Pooh pattern by Davie Mcphail. It has black bear wings and is very open to adaptation. youtube.com/watch?v=DStpg1uqYDQ
  16. Could be a good injured yellow perch imitation
  17. Panfish and smallmouth hell, I'll eat it! Do you want critiques?
  18. WOW! You're some machinist, sellin' 'em?
  19. Rolf, that is inspiring info, thanks for sharing!
  20. I know that this should not be the first on my mind, and it's not but does anyone know what the implications on the fish population are this massive flooding we're having? Yes, I said we, I'm a CO resident and I'm in the midst of this devestation, I'm in Colorado Springs so it's not so bad for us but please know that our hearts and out prayers go out to those in Boulder and surrounding areas.
  21. Nice, I had a few minutes to search some things and I like the simplicity, no popups, no ads. WORKS FOR ME!!!
  22. Nice lookin flies! Sally Hansen's for sure. At $1.97 a bottle at Wal-Mart, it's cheaper than super glue and far superior!
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