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  1. being what my screen name implies, i like it. Those back legs are a big trigger, the fish will dig 'em!
  2. Can't remember if you have Juan Ramirez "Hopper Juan" on there or not but he's a local tyer and guide in Colorado Springs, CO and has a blog of his own.
  3. depends on what size nymph you wanna tie, also what's the diameter of the wire?
  4. I tie size 10 Slumpbusters in olive, tane and brown squirrel zonkers with appropriate sized cone heads. They mimic small sculpins almost perfectly. One thing is though that you have to put your collar strip into a dubbing loop, cut off the leather leaving the fur in the loop, spin it and wrap it as a collar behind the conehead. I tie them with brass, silver and black cones.
  5. Berkley Vanish from wal-mart or dick's, $5 for 110 yards
  6. Just read through the first quarter or so of the book, pretty basic stuff but definately a good refresher. Sometimes we make things way to complicated and the basics are things that we take for granted. The basics are still very relevant!
  7. NICE!!! just downloaded it, how do you find these? Wonder if there's a way we can set up a running post so that when someone finds one they can copy the website. That might be a questio for the site admin.
  8. NICE!!! All that being said, can I pretty much bank on terrestrials and other standard late summer patterns on these creeks or are there some special patterns that I need to tie?
  9. They'll fish well, but if you want criticism thinner, slightly shorter tail and lighter dub for the body. Remember the dub will darken when wet. I like that wing, very emergery and caddisy, NICE TIE!!!
  10. I also use fine brown rubber legs in the thread wraps that hold he elk hair down. They suggest legs (duh) and stabilized the fly in the water. The foam helps the fly float so you can cut the bottoms off the hackle so the fly sits lower and doesn't crush in your fly box. Hope this helps!
  11. I use a foam wrapped body in a tan or medium brown to suggest segmentation and coat it 360 degress with super glue or head cement and then (while the glue is still wet) wrap the hackle (usually darker brown or reddish brown) forward, never had one unravel and after several fish the hackle is still in great shape.
  12. As a fly tyer on a budget (mostly wife induced) I'm constantly looking for alternatives to buying new materials. On mt RS2's and other emergers I use poly yarn or dalron and dope it with gink with still in the vise, works for me!
  13. I've been using crimped barbs lately and found that it makes me concentrate on my fish fighting ability (keeping line tight, rod tip postion, etc.) thereby adding to my skill set as a fisherman!
  14. i agree with the nymph tail comment but otherwise I'll take a dozen!!!
  15. feather craft furled leaders can't be beat, they are twisted super tight, loop to loop with fly line, attach 3' of berkley vanish fluoro to the tippet ring with an improved clich knot, the feather craft leaders come in all sizes 3wt to 12wt, fresh and salt water, colors, clear and fluoro, they're awesome and last multiple seasons for me
  16. Gonna be in Bozeman the third week of Sept. Wondering if there are any public creeks that do not require reservations like Armstrong's, DePuy's, etc. Just want something I can hit for a day and feel a tug without having super pressured fish. Thanks guys!!!
  17. I'll take the western hatches one
  18. Hi everyone, looking fo some advice on a trip I'm trying to plan. I want to go to Montana or Idaho or some such place in September and fish with big bushy dry flies for super aggressive trout. Does it sound like I'm asking for the world that we all wanna live in? Well, I am. Any ideas are appreciated!! Thanks guys!
  19. I use furled leaders from feather-craft.com exclusively, I have used every other brand I have found and feather craft wins every time. They are wound far tighter than any other brand that I have found and in my mind that makes them turn over flies and longer tippets better. Mine have the tiny little tippet rings an if you have some really spooky fish you can tie on 3 feet of 10 lb flouro, then 3 feet of 6 lb, then 3 feet of 2 lb and cast to 'em from your car, LOL!! I can even toss size 6 and 8 hoppers on my 3 wt. I LOVE 'EM!!! I also found that on my 7 wt pike rod the work well as a shock leader.
  20. The most noble fish is the one that takes one for the team and eats my fly!
  21. Those are cool flies!!!! I think the heads look great!! Better than I could do. I think, instead of hiding them in a file cabinet, you should frame 'em and display them in your living room, tying room, etc. They will make great wall art. Great job!!! I love lookin at flies like that but I have a hard enough time keeping my fishing fly boxes full, let alone time for recreational tying. You're the man!
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