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  1. So, I'm hooked (pardon the pun) on this whole fly tying thing. I'm looking at tools and stuff and saw a dubbing hook. What is this used for and how?
  2. HOPPERS, HOPPERS, HOPPERS!!!!! But, then again, look at my display name. August anf Septemper are my 2 favorite months to fish. You can see sea monster sized browns and rainbows come from 10-15 feet away from under a cut bank only to come out of the water for a hopper imitation, it's pretty awesome!!!!
  3. next time you go fishing turn over rocks, see what's in the aquatic and land grass and see what's flying around. I take my camera and a small ruler and take high quality photos of bugs and go home and tie stuff that matches. Also watch how the bugs move so you can get a feel for what kind hook to use, whether to make them articulate, etc. A friend of mine actually has old pill bottles that he takes and collects nymphs, mayflies, etc. and takes them home for closer examination and matching. Good luck on your just into our craft!!!!
  4. instead of buying a $12 comb for hair, yarn, etc. I use an eyebrow comb. They cost $2 for 5 of them on ebay and shipping is mostly free. And I drill out and mount a bodkin type needle into the back end with epoxy or Gorilla Glue. Having a hard time uploading a pic but just go to ebay and search "eyebrow comb".
  5. .....also, some small electric motors (the kind from toys) have red, blue or orange windings on the stator so you can have different colors
  6. If you are going to use it as ribbing and the wire is a bit dark soak it in some lemon juice or a vinager solution for a few hours to overnight, it makes it shiny.
  7. www.flyshack.com for some things(thread, tools, etc.) but not acyual materials, flytyersdungeon.com for materials (hackles, hair, feathers, etc.), or you can check ebay (just be careful!)
  8. Thanks for all the replies, you guys are awesome!!!!
  9. That's what i was thinking, thanks guys!!!!
  10. Does anyone know of a good quality, comprehensive tying materials kit at a decent price?
  11. I just found that Pat Cohen does indeed tie a duckling pattern. It's called the Merganser Duckling and it imitates a duckling in distress.
  12. Typo in the title, I meant "duckling imitations"
  13. Has anyone ever heard of or seen any duckling imitations for big pike, musky or largemouth? I'm sure you Northern Midwest guys could chime in on this one.
  14. I'm new to this whole fly tying thing and ave been tying for the last few months on a cheap piece of junk that cost me 10 dollars. I just ordered an Anvil Atlas for myself for my B-day so we'll see how it works.
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