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  1. GOt my new rod in today. Can someone recommend a good style and color of the Wooly Booger for largemouth bass and bream... Thanks Jon
  2. I have decided to buy the Danvise but who makes top notch tools. DO i need to get bobbins with ceramic or titanium or which is the best? WHats the difference between the THompson and Matarelli whip finisher? :help: :headbang:
  3. I got a good list goin .. Keep it comin fellas hopefulll i willl get started next week or so. Maybe i can have some flies ready by the time it gets warm enough to fish// Thanks JON
  4. Swamp thanks for the advice. I must b payin attention as those exact tools were already on my list for mondays order. Anything u can think of that maybe usefull such as extra bobbin for different thread. HOw bout the wire and tinsel stuff. I am gonna get the materials mentioned earlier also plus hooks a pack of each for 100 total. WIll that b enough or should i go ahead and buy a box full. How much material should i buy to begin with. I was figuring around $300 to get everything so now i have some room to add other stuff thanks to yall. All suggestions welcome .. thanks again JON :help:
  5. I have beeen shoppin on the Jstockard website. DO i need to match the thread colors to my materials or is it to add color and strength. I hope i get this right, i need 3/0 thread, lead wire, tinsel wire. I noticed on there website that they dont carry the highly recommended Danvise rotary. Is that a really good vise. I am buyin for the long term as i know i am goin to learn. Any other suggestions, i am makin the list now for order on MOnday. NO time like the present to get started!! THanks again yall JON
  6. ONe things for sure i am getttin a bunch of help from nice folks. I wish it was like this everywhere. I help anyone i can. I build and fly RC helicopters and i help a bunch of people. MOst of the pilots around here want everyone to think its something special and very complicated, that couldnt b further from the truth. Anyways thanks to everyone who is helping me along. What would b a list of good tyin materials to buy upfront and where is the best place to get them all at once. I might can get some deer hair and i have chickens on the yard and i can get some horse hair from my horses but thats about it. Do i need to buy several bobbins to hold different colors and sizes. I saw a thread assortment that was in a case about 40 spools is that the way to buy. HOw bout the lead wire and other stuff. A list would sure b nice lol :help: Thanks again JON . PS when yall get tired of answering these ignorant questions just holler lol..
  7. MOre questions fellas. THanks for all the help. What toools exactly do i need to get started. THey have some funny names and i dont have any idea which is which and just what is neeeded. ALso a comment was made about gettting good line, what is preferred for bass and bream. As far as materials what do i need to get and where to get them. Should i just call the J STockard people and tell em to give me everything lol. What size hooks do i need and thread and so forth. All help is greatly appreciated. Finally made mymind up about the rods and reels, gonna get an 8wt and a 4wt Cabelas Genesis combos. So i am gonna need bream hooks and flies to. Goin to get my fishin licence today so i am very excited, as i havent fished in 4 years. Thanks again JON
  8. Would i b better off buyin a good vise and then the other tools and materials rather than the kit. I dont even know what tools r necessary and then i have to buy books or dvds to find out how to tie one. My primary fish r bass and shell crackers and big bream, yall seem em with the bug eyes and bigggggggg purple belly.. Gotta love em lol.. Is the Cabelas premium kit worth the money for the tools and instruction dvd and book or do i need to just buy them seperate if so what is a good one to buy.. Thanks JON
  9. I am goin to get the one they call the premium its like $175 and comes with a THompson pro viseand other tools?? Is this a good deal? R there any better places to buy tools and get better advice??
  10. I am very new to flyfishing. I dont even have a rod yet, all i have is the desire which i have had for the last 30 years. I want to start out with a bass outfit as that is what we have here in South Carolina. I do want to buy a decent outfit to start fishing and tyin with. I might add i dont know a thing about flyfishing so any advice will b greatly appreciated. I hope to add a smaller rod i think a 4wt for bream. I bet that will b fun. Helpppppppppp anyone lol.. THanks JON
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