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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think I'll just stick with my Renzetti.
  2. I picked this up at a garage sale along with a Herters fly vise. Anyone know what it is and how it should be used?
  3. My earliest experience with "Tyvek" was in the late sixties. I was working in a paint store that sold carpet and some of our carpet rolls came wrapped in tyvek. I salvaged some and used it as an "instant blind" for hunting on snow covered ground.
  4. What's the problem with "TalkFlyFishing"? The posts there won't load and "Can't find server" pops up when I try to open the forum.
  5. kerrye


    Welcome to the forums Artifly. This is, I believe, about the greatest collection of information to be had on the subject of Flyfishing/Rodbuilding. I have, in the last few days, fished a stream you might be familiar with. (On my computer that is) The Allt a' Ghlinne Bhig. A young man named Sean from Aberdeen did the photo shoot of the stream and it was posted to download for the Real World Fly Fishing game two or three weeks ago. I have fished it twice but have yet to hook a salmon.
  6. Last Sunday I had my 30 year old son out fishing with me (new to flyfishing) and put him into some panfish water where I figured he would get lots of practice setting the hook. The lake had been stocked the week before with 7' to 10" bass. I know I hooked more than two dozen bass on a #12 bead-head prince. It was a lot of fun for sure.
  7. I have made my own furled leaders for several years and literally have used nothing else. Recently, I found an entry on a forum about the shorb loop and have started using it on my leaders. BIG improvement.
  8. Great pattern, material may be a little hard to come by for some us. :yahoo:
  9. kerrye

    Trout Photos

    These are some of the BEST trout photos I have ever seen. I only wish the scenery around these streams was shown. :yahoo: http://www.fisheyeguyphotography.com/index.asp
  10. Three elderly gentlemen (80,85,90) sitting on a bench at the nursing home. The 80 year old says; I sure wish I could get up early and relieve my bladder like I did when I was young. The 85 year old says; Yes, I know what you mean. I wish I could take an early morning dump like when I was young. The 90 year old says; Every morning between 6:30 and 7:00, I take a leak and a dump. I just wish I could get up first. :hyst:
  11. Here is the best answer I have seen to fish hitting the indicator. http://flydepot.com/flyfishing/pn--foam-be...cator/pid--539/ Ialso saw an "indicator beetle" in the bargains periodical from Orvis last year.
  12. The fly I love to fish for brookies is the "bomber". It seems to drive them nuts. Last Aug. on the north fork of the Arkansas, I had some hit it so hard they actualy came a foot and a half out of the water.
  13. Somehow, when I start fooling around with the photo editing software, my other primary interests (flyfishing and grandkids) get involved. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e246/kerrye63/Taylor3.jpg
  14. kerrye

    Furled Leaders

    Thanks Steeldrifter. I had thought about trying some of George's Gink but hadn't got around to it. I have been messing around with my PC for several days and have not been keeping up with the posts here. Hopefully, next week, I will have reduced Microsoft on my PC to the status of a second class citizen. :devil:
  15. I think I ran across this somewhere and it was in the context of rod wrapping.
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