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  1. Received a nice set of caddis flies, thanks for hosting Bob; I hope you reconsider swapmeister retirement.
  2. Bob thanks for all you do and I have enjoyed all of your swaps and the quality flies that you have contributed when you have participated in my swaps as well. As WWKimba stated you are welcome into any of my swaps I will have.
  3. I just sent you over a PM Bob, mine are packaged up and ready to send your way and should be arriving at the buzzer. I am excited for this set of flies from the talented tiers in this group; psychoprince and troutguy just to name a few- these guys have skills.
  4. No worries Bob, im in no rush here, thanks for hosting
  5. Sending mine out tomorrow morning Vicrider
  6. Im in, been friends with Dave on here and facebook for 4-5 yrs now. How many do you need? Dozen? Half dozen?
  7. I am going to try and get mine tied up over the weekend
  8. Breambuster, tracking says that yours delivered over the weekend
  9. Tracking for set of flies delivering to MT, says awaiting pickup 9500126512610325659026
  10. Tracking info for the set going to Tipton, GA 9500126512610325659095
  11. I checked all tracking #’s all have delivered except breambusters, 1 set delivering to GA, and 1 set delivering to MT
  12. Yes, just sent you over tracking info, it says that its still in transit
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