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  1. hi, does anyone know a good site that tells you how to frame classic flies? thanks
  2. hi, where ca i get monga tails with diffrent colors? thanks
  3. did anyone have this book? its alot of money, so i would like to have some feed back? thanks
  4. ok, lets see what evreybody has to say? i guess most of us ties lots of flies, but evrey body hate to tie one particular fly to the point you cant tie it? me, i cant tie a balck ghost........
  5. i do that , what do you do with the fibers at the back of the fly? you see,the one is see in pics they have a smoth looking body hackel, no mater how much i strike the fiber down they dont look smoth?
  6. where can i get red weaver skin for sub. for indian crows? thanks
  7. can some one tell how you attatch the body hackel for the classic salmon fly? do you strip one side of the feather then winde it over, that thing is driving me crazy, can some one tell me in details? thanks
  8. how do you attatch the hackle for the body? and do you just go around the body, i tried and the problem is the fibers keep sticking out? can some one tell me with some details? thanks
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