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  1. Maybe use some expanding spray foam to secure it to the hook. Paint it and tie on a hook. Definatly gonna try this.
  2. And as everyone has previously stated.... Tie YOUR OWN patterns! I sell patterns for all species and styles of fishing.... I make the more money and sell more of my patterns, thats what people know me for and remember me for!
  3. In Canada you are not required to register for an HST number if your annual revenue is under $30 000. However you ned an HST number in order to write any expenses off against your income (assuming your making money) Once you do Register your business (with service ontario) you will be required collect tax on everything you sell, and will be required to report on it at the end of the year. Most companies will not sling you deals if your not ordering a large amount. Just because you have a business name and number means nothing to them untill you are ordering a large amount and it is profitable for them to do so. Talk to fly shops around you and make friends with them ...where are you located?
  4. When I tie my longer flies for pike or musky (anything over 5") I have adapted a technique used by the salt water flies. By tying on the back of the hook most of the material is already out of the way. What materials are you using? Most of my big flies are tied with synthetics. I tie my pattern with a mix of slinky fibre and sf blend.keeping the tie down point only a couple of mm infront of the bend. I use superglue at this point as the synthetics are harder tie secrurely so the superglue is more for peice of mind. At this point I tie in a big bucktail head, it pushes a ton waterand is stiff enough to provide a little extra support to the synthetic fibres. I will post some pictures when I get home tonight.
  5. I have had many days when I'll be nymphing with an indicator, and a huge fish comes up and engulfs my indicator. That fish is always what seems like the biggest of the day, so dry dropper isn't indecisive. It's more like double dipping and fishing for both the sub surface feeders, and the fish that only want a bug on top. I first noticed this while steelhead fishing the south shore lake erie tribs. The fly fisherman using bright coloured indicators were getting strikes and the centerpinners were getting there floats destroyed. I often use a stimulator, coloured in the classic bobber colours. I have also tied deer hair flies (like bombers) as they will hang anything and will float high.
  6. Tanks are fairly cheap.... Be thrifty A big tank. Small adjustable pump, cylinder to house fly... epoxy to seal it all up. A friend of mine posted an sbs on another forum.... ill try and find the link.
  7. Thanks for all the great advise guys. I managed to work out a deal with one of my local stores. Went with the mustad 91706!
  8. Hey everyone, I am looking for a place to buy hooks in bulk. Up untill now I have been tying all of my Pike and Musky flies on Gamagatsu Siwash hooks(stainless steel,) they are widely available in my area as there are a ton of salmon trollers on lake ontario and these are there hooks of choice for their spoons. I like this hook because its virtually indestructible and can take a beating from fish and will almost always be broken off before the hook fatigues. Lately I have been getting a ton of orders for these flies. I am looking for a more economical option than $3.27 for 6 hooks. I have done some looking online, but figured the people here would know best. I would be interested in buying around 100 hooks in a few different sizes, although if the price is right for 1000 I would not hesitate. Thanks, Josh
  9. Nice flies.... I love that thread.... little while ago I ordered some capes from a website and they threw in a couple spools and now Ill be buying it again.
  10. There are a few key things that need to be taken into consideration when tying flies for the toothy critters! #1 Casting - Designing a 6"- 9" Streamer that has the large profile and casts nicely is no small feat. Materials like Magnum Strips (Rabbit) look amazing in the water but once wet they are so heavy that casting is very cumbersome. I normally use natural fibers on all my flies but the synthetics are far superior for these species. These flies remain light once wet and they do not retain water making them ideal for large applications such as this. #2 Durability - These fish destory flies, making materials like maribou almost useless. I see alot of tiers tieing with all sorts of hackle and pretty feathers. But after a few fish they are history. Same goes with Jungle cock, its something that attracts the fisherman. I normally tie with 3d holo eyes and build an epoxy head. However these are ProTube JungleCock HD .... they are industructible. I choose to tie all of my Streamers for these fish on Gamagatsu Single Siwash hooks Sizes 2 - 6/0 ... Because they have a heavy guage wire they are nearly industrucible and have enough weight. Since the hooks are open eye, I simply close the eye and always use a snap swivel. This gives the fly a side to side action when stripped and paused... They reamain almost neutally boyant while only falling very slowly. Tieing the tippet onto a snap swivle is awesome not only imparting more action on the fly but also makes fly changing a brease! The bucktail makes for a large profile and pushes a ton of water.
  11. They are all tied on Gamakatsu NO.10013 in 6/0. They are actually just single siwash,the very same hooks l use on my Salmon Spoons on Lake Ontario. The open eye just gets crimped before I put them in my box. when Fishing these flies I always use a cross lock snap swivel to attach my leader to the Fly, this ensues that I do not lose the fly while fishing.
  12. I am a part of a local fishing forum (Niagara, Ontario, Canada) I have been trying for quite some time to get a good conversation going about pike flies and pike fishing! People laugh at me when I say I'd rather be up north in the woods battling the bugs for spring time pike than on a river on a beautiful fall day chasing steelhead. I am addicted! These are a few of the flies I have tied over the last week or so...
  13. I had a chance to cast the new Sage Pike Rod this summer up north, it was unbelievable how effortly it casted big bulky patterns (over 12") I use a 9 ft 9 wt though, I believe the shorter rod makes a difference, I often use a 10 wt intermidiate line while fishing for pike.
  14. I am an avid centerpinner and often fish the Niagara and other bigger systems with my float set up, although a few of the smaller tribs would be awesome to drift a few drys come the fall. Its mainly going to be a lake rod. thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  15. I have a local builder that I am very good friends with I was just thinking that the orvis rod could hold me over until I have the money to get myself a work of art!
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