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  1. Hi Rolsen


    Is this topic been discuessed on any finnish Fly fishing Forums?


    Here in Norway this is quite hot among flyfishers and other fishermen by the moment... This buisness is 100% ROTTEN! The Minister of Fisheries have large personal interest in this buisness and does NOTHING to protect Wild Fish. Corruption?? Ill say so, and many - many others With me.... Guess my children wont be able to Fish for Salmon when they grow up if nothing happens whith the way this buisness runs today! Its a shame, im a shamed and every Norwegian should be ashamed!


    A little talk has been done in our biggest fly fishing forum, but we mainly follow our competitors ATM :D More or less discussion will definitely arise after the last day of tournament.

  2. Airflo makes one bit bigger, dunno if it's large enough: http://www.airflofishing.com/airflo-accessories-fly-boxes-airflo-fly-box.cfm


    I bought one and I liked it..eh :P


    The Airflo competitor fly box is a follow on from the extremely successful Aqua-tec boxes. The competitor box is Airflos answer to all competition and boat anglers problems when it comes to fly storage. Ideal for stacking in the bottom of the tackle box or in side pockets of a fishing tackle bag, the 28 x 21 x 6.5cm design will fit in with everyone's tackle.

    With a capacity of over 1000 flies and an impact resistant, waterproof design these boxes will keep each hackle or wing in perfect condition.

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