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  1. I have all three sizes, all have their uses. For OP I recommend small and medium. If you tie bigger bucktails, then the big one.
  2. Different and maybe unique. But, as a rotating vise, where's the turning knob/handle.. If I could get a LAW Vise for the original selling price, I think I'd go for it, but the eBay-prices are just ridiculous these days. I spend several hundred euros for my Jvice and I don't have any regrets. When I die, I cannot take it with me, but working tools make my life easier.
  3. FlyFishin'Jam, thanks. Your ties look about perfect to me!
  4. Couple'o dries, Europa 12 variant and some fan wing brainfart..
  5. Jay has brought up a new model after I ordered my original goose neck version, new SalmonHead version is a bit cheaper and actually quite affordable! 140$ vs. 80$ makes a difference, IMO. SalmonHead 80$ + ProJaws 129$ and base of your choice, Desk Stand seems to be 65$. Here's the link to the order form PDF http://www.jvice.com/images/ordering/OrderFormUS$.pdf And here's the link to the goods.. http://www.jvice.com/pages/ordering.html
  6. Long time no post. One from today, kinda variant of Red Devil.
  7. Something totally different from my vise..different for me.
  8. Oh, now that you said it - obvious! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Some testing with ammonites, interesting pattern for sure.
  10. Awesome ties dude! You still got the blues, man!
  11. Really nice flies guys, keep them coming!
  12. Now that you mentioned dusters, some peops have found ones made of heron feathers - good quality too. Peops? People, sorry
  13. I'm using one, it's self made and it helps me see the details better while tying.
  14. Now that you mentioned dusters, some peops have found ones made of heron feathers - good quality too.
  15. My 2nd quill wing dry ever..and they said wets were though, welcome to the dry world Wing is bit too long and hackle bit too short, but I'm happy for this 'cause I usually don't tie any dries.
  16. Add Hank Patterson on the list too Just watched a few of his videos. I think he is going way overboard with it, it get's to the point were it's not even funny. It's a ballance to get it just right. Yeah, Ken is way better humorvise.
  17. I just used moose mane hair, one white and one black side by side and the "quill" body looks just fine.
  18. Nah, you read what the man said: Use carrot as a bait and be quick about it.
  19. Use magnetic wire instead of expensive small rolls they sell us as copper wire ribbing.. I bought 1,5km wire for twenty bucks from eBay.
  20. Koosh balls give great hopper legs, cheap and durable. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:KOOSH.png)
  21. Oh my o.O Would I like to have one if I had money to throw away, sure. The one thing I love in LAW Vise is the jaws and the tightening screw, looks unbeatable.
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