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  1. Tacky surface can be treaded with alcohol, esp. isopropylalcohol (not drinkable ).
  2. This is what I wanted to say, Nor-viser just put it better out.
  3. YMMV, but how about saving some extra bucks and getting a Renzetti Traveler 2000? We have a saying that "a poor man shouldn't buy cheap gear" and at least I have found it true.
  4. Before I put the squirrel hair onto hook, I hold it in my fingers and add a tinytiny drop of head cement. Tiny 'cause the cement has a tendency to spread _very_ easily from the butts.
  5. I'm using a tiny drop of head cement in those butt ends, it really helps to tie that squirrel fur. -Remember, only a _tiny_ drop..
  6. I usually buy best grade saddles for my dries and the feathers are all more or less same size. I have been picking hackes for my Rangeley style streamers though..
  7. Nice to be part in a forum which actually is moderated, thanks Steve.
  8. Thanks guys, I appreciate your kind words! That is not actually a literal "full dress", 'cause some materials needed are either rare, expensive or illegal. I just stick into materials that are available and the fish don't care, it's us tiers and fishermen.
  9. In my country we call these "leech". We use it like an allrounder for rainbow trout and also other species like trout and grayling. Those are very well tied, I'd fish with those if I had a change
  10. Color to color and all the rest to the ground - works like charm! *ZZZZAPP!!!*
  11. I must go and wash my imagination, I have a dirty joke incoming...
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