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  1. OK I fixed it ...it's working now...
  2. Hi all! I know this might not be the place to post this ...but my wife entered my Son in a photo contest, it ends tomorrow.. right now my boy is at #2 ...please take a moment to vote for him and get my wife off my back.... here is the link... http://www.photowow.com/r/contest.asp?p=vo...p&c=134&i=16199 thanks to everyone that votes!
  3. thanks for the info guys...I'll start tying right away....you now I just started fising with flies this season, and by the way I've started out......it's getting real hard to keep at it. the guys are having great luck on "pink worms", so I've been tying anythink pink I can get my hands on...any ways, thanks again for the info, I'll let you know how I make out next week (one good thing about shift work,...it's only four days of work to get four days of fishing
  4. hey guys.... just one questions...? if you had to choose your most productive wet fly for spring steel', what would it be ? I've been out the last three days and have gotten skunked on every outing !!!
  5. Yep, sure did....as luck would have this weekend has turned out for the better...with temp's in + and rain coming in on Monday I decided to swing by the B'ville bends......OPEN , iI'll be heading out Sunday morning, I'll let you know how I did ! en4cer
  6. right on....well it'll be any day now...I spent a lot of time on the b'ville (south of two) amd when you can the upper ganny and wilmont are great. I'll drop you a line when the rivers open up.....I drive by them amost every day on my way in to work just to have a look !
  7. great Thanks.....SteelheaderOntario....where about in Ontario are you from...where do you fish ??? Thanks for the info...the "floatfishing" is alright for info...provided you don't ask the question...I've been reading the treads for the last year or so, and rarely do I get a reply to any questions that I ask...... Any ways, thanks again !
  8. Thanks for the info gents' I've seeing a lot of guys out this way (eastern Ontario) using them over the last couple of years....going ever so more popular as the years go by. I was manly wondering how to set up the pin itself....I assume that you fill the "pin" with 8-to lbs and fish a 4 lb leader....but I;ve see guys with floating line as a filler...and was wondering why ? Steelhearder69, if you can find the time, any forwarded info would be greatly appreciated...thatnks al lot boys [email protected],com
  9. Hey, I went out and bought a center pin reel the other day....and am not to sure how to set it up. Does anyone know if there's a web site out there that would be able to help me out ? Thanks
  10. nymph...10 salmon....12
  11. just a quick question, Have any of you found that the Mustad hooks bend , when you're trying to land a fish....??? I've been using the Mustad (salman and the wey nymph hooks) tying off a few flies before the little one wakes up for his next feeding. ...to find that my hook bent, with the a little bit of pressure.......is this normal, if so....please point me in the direction of a good set of hooks, and where to get them ??? Thanks
  12. just wondering if there are any Canadaians on this board...specifically from Ontario....or do any of you Yankees fish Canadian waters ?
  13. did I have some one teaching me....well kinda ! this site.
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