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  1. Lesg

    Ground Moles

    Edit; I should have said "The Idiot sure scared the dogs though."
  2. Lesg

    Ground Moles

    Sure scared the dogs though.
  3. Lesg

    Ground Moles

    Here's one method.
  4. Seems to be that you actually found the proverbial "Pot of Gold". As Mike said the bar is set pretty high but I think you might jump over it again next year. The more you learn about a river the better the results. Les
  5. I fixed a shimano steelhead rod in the same way a few years back. It's not a flyrod but the repair held and works well. Les
  6. Thanks for that Steeldrifter. That needed to be said. Les
  7. Lesg

    @#$% Price of Gas!

    Bryon, if gas goes much higher there might be a lot of silent vehicles.
  8. Congrats! Up to three grandaughters and one grandson myself. Loads of fun watching them grow and learn. Amazing how fast it happens.
  9. Lesg

    Song of the day

    Might have posted this before. A rock tribute to an American classic.
  10. Thanks Steeldrifter. A great addition to an already great site. I don't post much but I'm here on a regular basis for the info available from many others. Thanks to them as well. Les
  11. Lesg


    I'd like to comment but I would be banned for being too political.
  12. You guys are lucky. That converts to $4.24 Can. and we are paying $5.67 Can. for a U.S. gal. here in the Great White North. Les
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