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  1. Lesg

    Vise advice

    It looks like my first vise. As Dave G. said it is most likely a made in India knock-off. I used mine for several years with no issues whatsoever but I don't tie hundreds of flies like some do. The only reason I switched is to try a true rotary but other than that the vise is still going strong. Welcome to the site and have fun. There is a ton of information and good advice available here. Les
  2. Mark, on March 30th I was fishing on 24" of rock solid ice. A week and a half later the lakes were wide open. I can't believe how fast it happened. Still cold here. Woke up to 1 1/2 inches of new snow this morning but no ice. Time to try some ice out lakes. Les
  3. Steve, you might like this.
  4. That should work. LOL
  5. Good luck with that Steve. As I said I've pretty much learned to ignore mine which is definitely noise related It used to play havoc with any hearing test I've taken because I would push the button every time I heard a noise that was only in my head. Very frustrating for the audiologist. lol Les
  6. I did say that the guy might be a quack. I know my tinnitus comes from exposure to loud noise and Steve did say he worked in a welding shop which is a very noisy environment. As far as hearing his cats, in my case the noise related hearing loss still allows me to hear things on certain frequencies. Once again this guy might be a quack and I am definitely not an audiologist but he offered some simple ideas to try. It doesn't cost anything to try them and who knows, the techniques might help. Les
  7. Steve, maybe this guy is a quack but the video shows some simple techniques to possibly help your tinnitus. I've had tinnitus for years but mine comes and goes and I am lucky enough that I have pretty much learned to ignore it. Good luck. Les
  8. I guess you won't be needing a rotovator for the garden this year. Nice project! You have way more patience than I do. Les
  9. Just googled Herters 11R vise as mentioned in the book. Quite a piece of machinery. Looks like it would have weighed 10 pounds or more but was a true rotary and way ahead of its time.
  10. Lesg

    FINALLY done!

    And you found time to build rods?
  11. Lesg


    You're right, we had a gun registry in Canada. It was trashed by a later gov't. It was supposed to cost $80 million but ended up costing over a billion. Now the idiots in Ottawa are at it again. God I wish we had a 2nd amendment.
  12. If I was a fish that would look edible. As a fisherman I'd tie that on my line for any freshwater fish as a searching pattern. Nice tie!
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