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  1. Hairwing, I have been tying for a few months now and am still a novice. As for casting I am still a newbie and still trying to get some of the basics down. I am having trouble with timing my forward stoke and I am cracking the line like a bull whip after the slack period. I was looking for a fly I can use as a visual to maybe help with the timing. Any tips would be helpful on casting. Also I have never gotten any Line wet on a fly rod I have always used the clasic spinning reel and rod. So as far as actually fly fishing Im kind of in new territorry. My father inlaw (avid fly fisherman) has been helping but our sceduals rarely meet up. So I have been practicing casting on my lunch brakes.
  2. Thanks Guys. What about casting practice?
  3. I have a little time to practice and was wondering what would be a good practice fly
  4. I am looking for a compact tying station for a space about the size of a TV tray. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have the room for a full bench.
  5. Mainly fishing small streams and lakes in burlington county area looking to catch trout and bass
  6. I am just starting out with fly tieing and fishing. I am wondering what type of flies have been sucsessful in the sothern part of NJ, and if so can you share recipies.
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