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  1. I have not duck hunted since the mid 80s when I lived up by St Joe. A place called bean lake right next to KC power and light tons of ducks and geese. Do a lot of deer hunting though. I don't know much about west of columbia but just east a place called Little Dixie lake, about a 12 acre lake, has some hugh blue gill and big crappie.
  2. Never done taney yet. Have some friends from kansas that hit taney every other weekend. Next time going down to branson I let you know maybe we can meet and slay some fish.
  3. I am about 25 miles east of columbia. just north of I70 in williamsburg. Love trout fishing vacation starts on the 25th and will be at bennett for 9 days. I have meet alot of fishing and hunting buddies through work. Seems most of us here work about the same shifts and have plenty of time to play.
  4. Howdy all Just found the fourm while surffing for information on fly tying. Live in central Missouri, work in EMS 2 24 hr shifts a week so I have plenty of time to tease the fish. I have been fly fishing for about 3 years on a regular basis and now decided I want to start tying my own flys. I have made a couple so far that dont look to bad, the bluegills likes one of them. The more I study and pratice the more I like doing it. The girl friend is even getting into it. Look forward to reading and posting. Mike
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