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  1. Man those look good,just got me some balsa blocks,hoping to start mine soon
  2. i posted a pic and it disapeared on me,cant edit or delete the post sorry guys
  3. billyzj


    yup,thats funny,more into steel work never really worked with wood but i can always try and learn somthing new With a brain like yours in that x-ray, should be a piece of cake!
  4. billyzj


    prob be pretty easy to make the jigs out of wood yourself,as long as you have the wood laying around,seems simple enough
  5. billyzj


    i like that im gonna check into getting that,seems like it pay for itself
  6. billyzj


    waiting on barlows too,im gonna have to check out mudhole
  7. that looks like good setup for panfishing,when i get some materials i gonna try and make some of them
  8. billyzj


    im waiting on a new janns net craft catolog now,wish it hurry up
  9. billyzj


    i bought a couple a couple years ago that had legs they didnt stay on long with all the fish i caught, i just kept using them anyways still caught a ton of bass,im excited too start making them
  10. if i were to get a 7/8 setup would it thow the smaller poppers,ive got a variety of big and small,just wondering what you guys think
  11. i had a eagle claw 8/9 weight before thats the one the broke,did not throw very far,i also never used the reel to bring em in cheap reel i had just wouldnt reel in any fish,all i ever fish is the grass and pads
  12. ill def let you guys know,ive actuallly been looking at the pfluger for awhile,just wasnt to sure about the fly rod combo think it was about 80$,all i fish with for the last 8 years is the president.and all star rod or ugly stick and woudnt ever give em up for anything else, thanks for all the responses,yall helped out quit a bit
  13. thanks ill check into sage,im sure everybodys likes are diff,but i wanted to kind of get this right once instead of buying rods that are worthless
  14. thanks thats just about what i needed too know,i figured on buying two diff weight rods,i was looking too spend about a hudred on a rod/ reel,i just wanted more info on good rod /reels too get,now the ive got the weight just gotta figure out my rod
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