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  1. barbless hooks allow the hook to be removed easier and cause less damage to the fish . if you were to hook yourself its much easier to remove the hook. there has been specualtion that barbless hooks make it easier for the fish to unhook itself but if u keep the line tight u have nothing to worry about
  2. in the case of the marabou situation what material do you guys recamend i use for pike flies?
  3. can anyone give me any names for good pike and steelhead flies, or any videos for either
  4. i recently decieded i should start over and go back to the basics. i tied a few wolly buggers, adams, elk hair caddis's, parachute adams, and rock worms. now i am looking for some new easy fly patterns. can you guys give me some flies i could look up or post pictures of easy flies u have made then give me the name of said fly?
  5. ebay may be a good site for cheap supplies to buy in bulk. the flyfishingbox also isnt to bad. if your in michigan schultz outfitters is a great spot to
  6. whenever i tie my flies i can never seem to make them look as good as anyone else does. any tips or ideas why this happens and how i can better myself on this?
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