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  1. In my newest YouTube video, I feature Devin Olsen of Tactical Fly Fisher. In the video, Devin shares his Pliva Shuttlecock, a pattern that helped him earn bronze in the World Fly Fishing Championship for Fly Fishing Team USA. I'd love to hear some of the variations you're thinking for this one (mine are mentioned after the tying portion in the video). Thanks! Tim
  2. In my newest YouTube video, I share a variation of one of my favorite Landon Mayer patterns. The Mini Jig Leech has been a winner for me around the country over the last few years, and after the tying, I talk with Rob Giannino of the Fly Fishing Journeys podcast about our trip to the North Platte River in Casper, Wyoming. If you've been there, you probably love the river as much as me! Tim
  3. Watching Bob Clouser tie over the years has been awesome, and the one piece of information I held onto was when he repeatedly said that if people saw the Clouser Minnows he ties to fish, they would never buy them because they're so sparse! I took that hint, and mine over the years have grown more and more sparse in my use of bucktail. Tim
  4. You got it, and it's been a fun one to fish this year. A couple Palomino trout have liked it, too!
  5. In my newest YouTube video, Shawn Holsinger of Holsinger's Fly Shop is the guest tier, sharing with us his Hot Spot Stone. He does a great job tying, then sticks around afterwards to talk variations and ways to fish the pattern. Enjoy! Tim
  6. In this video, I give details related to Chuck Furimsky's "Fly Tier's Reunion," Friday, April 5, 2019. This event will take place at Seven Springs, inside their Sporting Clay's Lodge. The event is free to attend, open to the public, and runs from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm.The tiers and guests tentatively include: Chuck Furimsky Bob and Bobby Clouser Tom Baltz Tim Cammisa Bob Patlen Tim Flagler Scott Loughner Joe and Jody Messinger Josh Miller Mike Hogue Randy Buchanan Greg Heffner Gordon Chesney Andy, Jocelyn, and Stone Fresch Jay Nichols Len Lichvar Dave Allbaugh Rob Giannino of Fly Fishing Journeys podcast
  7. I know many on this forum are from the Midwest, and I'm excited to announce that I'll be a featured tier at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in Warren, Michigan, March 9 & 10. This will be my first year attending the event, and I've heard nothing but great stuff about this one. If you've attended before, lmk what to expect, and hope to see many of you there! Tim
  8. You got it, it's gonna be another great one like last year...
  9. Hi all, and I wanted to update everyone in case you're thinking about attending the Edison Fly Fishing Show. Last year was the first in its new location, and I know this one will be even better as everyone gets used to the venue. Website: https://flyfishingshow.com/edison-nj/ I'm also honored to announce that I'm teaching a couple fly tying classes there, and hope to run into many of you at the show. I made a video talking about some of the celebrities and other things going on, then discuss my classes in detail. Tim
  10. Cammisa's Stealth Mode is a jig nymph that pays homage to tinsel-bodied flies with its use of UNI-Mylar. Though that material has "stealth" tendencies, everything completely changes with the rear hot spot...and fish don't seem to mind. Thanks for any thoughts or changes you'd make to the pattern, and happy holidays! Tim
  11. Thanks for all of the comments, and it's great to hear the reasons why everyone does (or more likely!) does not buy flies. Happy holidays, all. Tim
  12. Who better to ask this question to than fly tiers! For the majority of flies, I tie myself, but in the video I share one of the few patterns I purchase. Do you buy, and if so, what are you reasons? Tim
  13. Some great patterns in this one, as this style is one that works! The Zebra I have fished for the last year was shared with me by Jake Adamerovich of Competitive Angler, and there's just a couple changes from the original. Tim
  14. I don't know about the shortage, but when it's time to refill my supply, I call the local bird preserve for upland birds. These areas are all around, and many have partridges. Other common birds they have to hunt are quail, chukars, and pheasants. Involves a little dirty work on your end, but the prices tend to reasonable. Just another option... Tim
  15. Really enjoy the event, and looking forward to meeting Ruben Martin from Argentina this year. I believe it's his first tying event in the US, and I'm going to sneak away from my table to watch a portion of his presentation! Ruben's site: https://rubenmartin.com.ar/en/home/ I'm also honored to have been asked to give a presentation (Mayflies) and tying demo (Guide Flies), and both are new ones for this season. I'm teaching a tying a class on Articulated Streamers and Emergers (how about that combo!), and love the small-group feel that is still possible at these big shows. Hope to see many of you there, and here's a quick video that talks a little about it for this year: Tim
  16. My newest YouTube video features Chuck Furimsky, director of the upcoming International Fly Tying Symposium. He ties a baitfish imitation that looks really killer, and between the two of us, we only talked 38 minutes! ;-) Enjoy the video, and I hope to see many of you at the Symposium in New Jersey in a couple weeks. Tim
  17. Here's my second "Q & A" video on fly tying and fly fishing. I'd love to hear your answers to some of the questions I received, as we've all had different experiences and can absolutely gain from the abundance of information. Thanks, and hope you enjoy! Tim
  18. tctrout

    Micro Mop fly

    You're welcome, Dave, and good luck with it. The material used in the video performs really well and seems to give it that desired movement in the water. There are some other "micro" options out there, though this is the one I'm sticking with...for now! Tim
  19. Love that and will be looking for one! Is it flexible, too? Tim
  20. tctrout

    Micro Mop fly

    So it's always a good idea to have some Mop flies, and I wanted to share a "micro" version that has worked well for me. If you have any other materials you're using for these smaller mops, I'd love to hear about them. Tim
  21. As we are now tying for Fall and Winter, I want to share a fly that was recently tied on my channel by Jake Adamerovich. Many of you may know Jake through Competitive Angler, as he is the owner. He also guides on the South Holston, so he gets around a bit! In this video, Jake shares his variation on the classic Zebra Midge. His slight adjustments are minimal, yet this fly produces in some difficult situations (especially spring creeks in PA). Enjoy! TC
  22. tctrout

    Foam Beetle

    Thanks for the kind words! TC
  23. tctrout

    Foam Beetle

    Summer's not over YET, thus in this video I'm sharing a basic Foam Beetle. I also discuss how you can use a cutter to tie multiple sizes. I try not to overthink the leg colors, and say that in the video, yet I also share a unique one following the tying. I'm sure none of you obsess over anything like that, too! ;-) Tim
  24. I started a new concept for my YouTube videos, answering questions from viewers. In my first "Q & A", I answered a variety of fly fishing and fly tying questions. If you are able to add onto any of my answers, please be sure to continue the conversation here. Thanks! Tim
  25. Thanks! Dave did a great job on this one...
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