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  1. So am I the only one that will cut apart ziploc sandwich bags?!?! TC
  2. I don't have a warm-up pattern, but do know that if I will be tying the same pattern in various sizes, I always tie the larger sizes first. TC
  3. Here are a couple I have recently tied; you'll love these products! TC
  4. Here's a fun and quick pattern that I just tied up for some local stocked trout; it's called a Hot Belly Pheasant Tail. Enjoy! TC
  5. Love the clean look of these flies; great job, and definitely leave the wing sparse. Bob Clouser is known for saying that if he tried to sell his Clouser Minnows with the amount of bucktail he actually places on them, no one would buy them bc they would be so sparse... TC
  6. There are lots of options, as you'll undoubtedly receive in this post. Another great provider of hackle is Clearwater Hackle (http://www.clearwaterhackle.com/); check out some of their stuff and see if any of the hen necks are in colors that you are looking for. The quills are very delicate and perfect for tying wings on the classic Catskills. Good luck! TC
  7. Wow, the answers are really all over, and I didn't realize how meticulous this forum can be (going all the way to hooks and thread!)... In my mind, I remember my mentors always stressing the importance of peacock herl and grizzly hackle, thus I feel that they are two of the most important. With that said, I tend to find myself reaching for (as you put it) deer hair so often. By deer hair, I mean the various cuts that are intended for comparaduns, caddis dries, Humpies, beetles, emerger patterns, and so many more. Nearly 20% of the videos that I have on my YouTube channel incorporate deer hair in the pattern. Like all on this forum, there are so many other "go-to" materials (including pheasant tail, saddles, beaver dubbing, tungsten beads, hen backs, hares masks, etc.) that I couldn't live without, but I love great deer hair on so many my dry flies. TC
  8. Nothing too over the top for me, yet, but a great fly that seems to produce for everyone, the Copper John:
  9. What a great looking pattern; thanks for sharing! TC
  10. Does anyone have any other experience with the products from Fly Tyers Dungeon? I have never ordered from them and would like to try some of their stuff (for mainly trout and striped bass patterns); anyone with any positive recommendations for their stuff? Thanks! TC
  11. Nothing but great patterns thus far this month. Here's the Chili Pepper I tied; a version of the fly was originated by Tony Spezio, and I even compare the one I tied with one of his in the video.
  12. Nice job on these; what were you using for the dubbing? Wool? Thanks, TC
  13. Here's an easy way to utilize cdc on a dry fly; good luck!
  14. I'm with you; I wanted to refill my "Bugger Box" and tied some last night; here is a video of one: I sill definitely be giving that one a go Ha ha...there are a LOT of great patterns so far this month, and we're only a third of the way in... TC
  15. I'm with you; I wanted to refill my "Bugger Box" and tied some last night; here is a video of one:
  16. Hope this helps... Thanks that does help. Out of all the people I know no one knew how to use it. No worries; I wanted to make a video that showed the Thompson, Materelli, and a couple of other techniques. I'm glad that it helped... TC
  17. I just added this on another page, but I love the bunny leech for pike. Sometimes, I'll use a stinger hook or a 4xl when fishing for those slimy fish!
  18. Wavey, Loved the use of the holo flashabou for the ribbing; great variation! TC
  19. Here's my pike/striper/bass fly for early season:
  20. I love musky flies; for some reason, I have trouble casting them with my 4 weight bamboo.... ;-)
  21. Ha ha...yeah, it's caught me a few, too...
  22. I'll add on; just tied a bunch of Black Ghosts today...
  23. You can add peacock herls as a topping or in the wing of any streamer. Here's a pic of an Edson Tiger version I tie based on the Clouser Deep Minnow style. It has a peacock herl body. LTbrasseye.JPG It has accounted for some nice bass and trout. Kirk- those are some amazing minnows you make! Interesting look for sure; I've had peacock over the wing in many streamers (such as the Black Ghost), but never in the Clouser. I don't want to ruin a good thing, BUT love the occasional variation (which is why I had mentioned it earlier in the post). Thanks for the pic...
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