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  1. Nice work, Joe; is there a hook closer to the rear of the fly? It's tough to see on my cell. I'm new to this site, too, but there seems to be a great group of people that post here. Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  2. It should, depending on the depth of the water. Adding any weight to the front of the hook will give the fly a jigging action (if that's what you're going for); I was unsure by the pics if you had secured it to the bottom or top. A common technique to use when tying rabbit strips is to lock them in on the underside of the shank; here's a video that shows this process. The video is 30 mins. long, but you can click throughout the spots and determine the process relatively quick. Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  3. Great job using rabbit strips; they are a great material and so useful for many types of patterns. The only comment I have is my thoughts regarding the eye; is it weighted? If so, the fly may ride upside down, which is why many patterns have the rabbit strip secured on the bottom of the hook shank. I think you are off to a great start with this material, and keep us updated as you experiment with other variations... Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  4. Thanks, DVS; I appreciate the comment. I plan on making another video tomorrow for YouTube; feel free to email any suggestions for patterns. I've had a couple people mention no-hackles, so I will be tying one or two of those next week. Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  5. This thread is making me so envious! I built my own with my father YEARS ago, and it really simply serves a function. These areas are very well setup; thanks for everyone sharing pics of their station. I hope to redo mine in the near future... Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  6. Great looking flies! I especially love the pike- and bass-looking ones; they would work real well in a little spot I know in northern Canada for those slimy pike! Plus, you're courageous for trying anything versus only deer hair on the hook; my first attempts were simply spun hair, and then I trimmed them until nearly nothing remained! To continue this thread, I do like the double-edged blades, especially ones that tend to be more flexible, though I tend to use these for only the bottom of the these types of bugs. I have a cheap pair of scissors that I use to complete other fine-tuning of my flies. I have a stacker, but don't use it much; when I am wanting to be able to form a tight body, I will start immediately at the back of the hook and keep very little thread (as a base) on the hook. This allows for less friction, thus helping me to pack the hair tighter. Again, great first patterns, plus I'm waiting to hear what your "Tying Beverage of Choice" tends to be! Here's a fun dry fly with some deer hair I recently tied for YouTube: Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  7. Great thread, probably because I have an English Pointer that I both hunt over and trial! I love tying with grouse and huns, though prefer the "less utilized" feathers on each. I also love purchasing European grouse and woodcock when I see nice skins. I participate a lot in shoots, with the primary bird being the chukar. I have used it occasionally over the last few years, but never found that great "aha" fly; since it seems many in this thread are familiar with this bird, is anyone willing to share any effective patterns tied with it? Thanks all! Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  8. Thanks, Nick2011; I appreciate the comment! Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  9. I'm at a minimum of a dozen, though I will fish every one of those. If I'm creating a Master pattern to use in the future, I'll attempt to locate that one and set it aside, otherwise, I will continue fishing each on a regular basis. I always look for ways to revise the pattern bc I tend to fish highly fished waters. Also, I tie a lot of flies for YouTube videos and want to ensure that the proportions are correct (though for my series titled "Two Minute Tying," I tend to speed up and focus more on generalizations for the videos). To get back to your question, you're correct; it seems to really center on the variation now. That in itself makes it difficult to determine the "worthiness" of a fly bc there typically is a reason why the original tends to be successful and a lot of us (myself included) jump to variations immediately due to experience, ideas, etc. I tend to keep at least six of the new pattern (as close to the original as possible for my local waters) in my box, and then add a few variations. Hope this helps! Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  10. Great comments on this topic; I actually have a YouTube video explaining a few techniques used when tying with microfibetts for tailing fibers. The video can be found here: Hope this helps! Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  11. What tools do you use most often? I like to have as many spools already on bobbins as possible, thus I need lots of space/locations for them. What do you wish your station had? About 500 more square feet (for both fly tying and bamboo rod making!) How much thread do you need handy at any moment? I like easy access to as many threads as possible. What is the most amount of tools you have had in front of you for a single tying session? Varies, but I keep the majority of tools in a drawer below my station. Tim http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  12. Very cool looking caddy; may be useful if tying @ a seminar or show, though I'd be afraid that others would comment more about my tool caddy than the flies I'd be tying! TC http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  13. Loved the RS2 "mutations;" there are so many possible spin-offs to that fly, yet it keeps producing fish! TC http://www.youtube.com/user/tctrout
  14. I agree w/ thrownin; some of the best hair out there comes from this shop. I normally prefer to see the piece before purchasing, but this is one of the exceptions I make with many of their natural products. Post a pic so we can get an idea of the pieces they are sending now...plus some of the flies you tie with it! TC http://www.youtube.com/tctrout
  15. Great pattern; I especially liked how you bent the hook initially, plus the bend-back of the lead wire to ensure a flatter head and thorax. Thanks for the post! Tim Cammisa http://www.youtube.com/user/tctrout/videos?view=0
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