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  1. In my recent video, I feature Dave Stewart, host of the Wet Fly Swing podcast. He ties the Benevolent Dictator for us, one of his favorite summer steelhead patterns. Enjoy! Tim
  2. The last time I posted a video to the original Utah Killer Bug, there was LOTS of discussion because of it being a spin-off of Frank Sawyer's famous pattern. I'm sure this one won't cause quite as much, but I wanted to share the modern version of the Utah Killer Bug that I fish. Enjoy, and I'd love to hear your variations! Tim
  3. Attention all egg lovers...here's the fly for you! This is an easy tie and works well in many situations (as I mention in the video). This one may not be for everybody, but it's one that works for me. Tim
  4. Get your Grannom flies out now! My newest video features Cammisa's CDC Green Caddis, one that is intended to represent the Grannom caddisflies (and Mother's Day Caddis). This one has performed well for me over the last few years, and I hope it does the same for you! Tim
  5. Open to the public, and no cost of admission... Wrong link? This is talking about the Lancaster show. The Facebook link will provide all updates for the Tier's Reunion, so it's the correct link... Tim
  6. The largest I've held in it so far is a size 2, but I can see how large it goes this weekend. Spinning deer hair is something I have yet to try in it, and I would be hesitant because the base is lighter. I'll get back to you on this... Mike, the base isn't an issue to me, but I do know some the lean towards a more significant one. I used to prefer c-clamps, but now personally go with pedestal. A comment on the YouTube page related to adding a clamp, which will add another component to it. I love that the entire vise folds into the size of a large cell phone, but like everything in fly tying (and fly fishing), it's not for everyone. The Airone may not be my daily vise, but I'll tie on it more this weekend and see how large of a hook it holds. Tim
  7. The Fly Tier's Reunion held at Seven Springs in Pennsylvania (Sporting Clay's Lodge) will be April 27, from 6:00 - 9:00 pm. There is no cost of admission. To view updates on the event, check the IFTS Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/flytyingsymposium/ I've been fortunate to participate in this event and love the atmosphere. If you have any questions, I can do my best to answer them. Hope to see many of you there! Tim Tiers and guests tentatively include: Joe Humphreys Bob and Bobby Clouser Tom Baltz Greg Hoover Ted and Bob Patlen Scott Loughner Joe and Jody Messinger Tim Cammisa Bob Meade Josh Miller Randy Buchanan Greg Heffner Gordon Chesney Son Tao Jack Fields Chuck Furimsky Curtis Fleming Andy, Jocelyn, and Stone Fresch Jay Nichols Len Lichvar
  8. In my newest video, I give a "sneak peek" of a the Stonfo Airone, a travel fly tying vise from the Italian company. This is a really neat vise that has some excellent jaws. I have yet to see all of the vises in the travel category, thus if you own one, feel free to post a picture of it, too. Tim
  9. That's a great question, though when I had the miss, it was a shank on the front that is shorter than the Hanak hook used in the video. It seems that there are lots of methods out there for articulated streamers, though this is the one I currently prefer. When talking to those who fish these articulated streamers on a regular basis, it's common to hear that not all of the fish are hooked; in my mind, this helps to slightly increase my chances (maybe?!?!) and I haven't seen the second hook causing damage to the fish. I also know that in various places, it's illegal to use two hooks, thus be sure to check the regulations before fly fishing.
  10. Thanks for the kind words, and for sharing your thoughts. I will always place some marabou over the joint, but being that I'm using red beads, I want them to be seen (or at least acknowledged!) by the fish. I'm also using two hooks, which does change things a little. Maybe overkill, but my hooking percentage has increased since the change. What do you use as a connection? Thanks again, Tim
  11. My newest video is out, featuring an articulated streamer. This is another dimension of fly fishing and tying, and one that really has enhanced my game over the last few seasons. The pattern I share is considered my "base" and I'd love to see more of what everyone here ties in the style. Enjoy! TC
  12. In my newest video, I discuss a UV resin from Solarez, and show how I apply it to a Perdigon-style nymph. Any other UV resins that you like to use? Thanks! Tim
  13. Sounds like you are using it correctly, as I have a Herter's one that I use occasionally (it's in the video below around 3:00 mark). I also have some instructions that I can share that Jim Krul emailed me...very cool! They are included as an attachment, and I hope you're able to see them. When using, I will separate the wings, then either spray or add a brushable head cement (basically like the directions recommend). It's a pain to clean off of the tool, but they look much better (not to the fish, just to me!). Tim
  14. My newest video features Kevin Compton of Performance Flies tying his Double Duck Caddis. Kevin demonstrates some intermediate tying techniques in this one, and then shares the situations in which he likes to fish the pattern. Enjoy! Tim
  15. As mentioned after your post, Philly, there are different tiers of tables. Being that I don't sell flies, there is no cost for my table. Two tiers per 8' table, and my buddy and I have sat together over the last couple years. To tie at the Symposium at a table, Chuck asks for samples of your flies to ensure they are of a higher quality (I must have slipped past him on that one!). The draw for me to the IFTS is that there are so many tiers, and the types of patterns is almost overwhelming. It's a professional show, yet allows lots of time with others to connect and learn. Regarding the vendors, you'd have to contact them to check. It seems certain vendors make more than others, and for some, having a presence at the IFTS is a part of the reason they attend yearly. I typically fill my "tying buying" list at the show because, like most here, I really prefer to see the materials before purchasing. Moving to the new location (aside from being cool because it's a castle!) will definitely increase foot traffic, and I'm betting additional vendors will participate. That's a very populated area, nestled between some major cities, and will absolutely attract more people (and vendors). As I said before, I have heard that more international tiers are considering, and can't wait to see who makes it to the show. I saw that on another post (http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=86677), Chuck Furimsky commented regarding the Edison Fly Fishing Show, and maybe he'll jump to this thread at some point. BTW, I was at the Edison Show and loved it. First year in a new location, and I can only see it improving... Tim
  16. The show in PA that you're talking about is called the Fly Tier's Reunion, and it still happens in Seven Springs, PA. It's a very low-key event, and there is no cost of admission. Last year, a few tiers came from abroad, and there were around 12 others tying. It's one evening and a lot of fun. When we get closer to the event (sometime this April I believe), I'll post more information here. For the Symposium in 2018, I just got an email from Chuck who is pretty excited because of the new location. There is better lighting and it's closer to the Newark airport, thus he expects more of an international presence. He's already had interest from Sweden, France, Argentina, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. He's also checking to see if Hans Weilenmann can return after being missing for so many years. If I hear anything more, I'll let everyone here know... TC
  17. I Just received an email from IFTS and wanted to let all know that there is a change of venue for 2018. The show will be held the weekend before Thanksgiving (November 17 & 18, 2018) in Parsippany, NJ. The hotel is a Sheraton, and it looks like a castle! I'm definitely excited to see how this goes, as I had a great time tying at the 2017 Symposium. Chuck Furimsky's quote from the email says it best: "Exhibit halls are for "commoners." Fly tiers are royalty and deserve a castle." The show returns to New Jersey, and the email said that there is tons of free parking. Lancaster parking was...well you can figure it out. I'm looking forward to this change and have a feeling it will be packed. If I hear more, I'll be sure to post here. Tim
  18. My newest video is live, the Lightning Bug, new and improved. I've upgraded this fly over the years, and love this pattern more than the original. Got me thinking...which variation do you fish more than the original? Tim
  19. I am now leaning to the Edison show on Saturday...I'll be sure to say hi. Tim
  20. You're welcome, and thanks for the kind words. It was a blast filming Matt for the two videos, and I hope to continue the process with him next summer. He's a wealth of information, and the net he used in Part 1 is something I will now recommend to others who want to take their stream sampling to the next level. Tim
  21. Thanks for waiting, and the video sharing Matt's Stream Sample results is now live. BTW, no guesses on which stream in PA we sampled! Ha ha! ;-) Tim
  22. Hi all, and I have yet to make it to the Massachusetts show (long drive from Pennsylvania), but someday! I spoke with Chuck today and they are expecting good crowds there, as the weather is looking decent for this weekend. I heard there's a football game Sunday, so we'll see how that impacts the crowd. Who really wants to watch Tom Brady??? I'm excited to see how the Edison show goes this year, as Chuck said, and I quote, that "Edison will be the largest show in the history of the Fly Fishing Show." I always loved the Somerset shows and can't wait to see how Edison turns out. It's between that one and Lancaster for me...but with a quote like that, how can I resist??? ;-) If any others plan on being in Edison, let me know... http://flyfishingshow.com/edison-nj/ Tim
  23. So I'm a hoarder now? Ha ha...guilty! ;-)
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