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  1. In my newest video, I share a CHEAP way to organize some of your materials. In the containers, I store beads, dumbbell eyes, etc. Feel free to post your ideas, too...and happy new year, all! Tim
  2. Great looking pattern, Lucian. Just curious, do you ever bend the hooks to more accurately imitate the nymph movement (or buy them pre-formed)? Thanks for sharing, Tim
  3. I had the opportunity to record fly tier Joe Messinger, and in this video, he shares stories about his early fly tying and more...enjoy! Happy holidays, all, Tim
  4. Absolutely, and seeing him tie so fluently in person was such an experience. The second video is now live, and I hope you enjoy it...
  5. Ben, Thanks for the kind words, and it was incredible meeting Joe. I plan on releasing the second video later this week... Tim
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, and I added one of Gunnar's videos to the page... Tim
  7. In my newest video, I share a variation of the Walt's Worm, plus tell a story about Mr. Walt Young from the International Fly Tying Symposium. I'm sure many on this forum have their own versions of the Walt's Worm...anyone else care to share? Tim
  8. I had the opportunity to film Mr. Joe Messinger tying one of his father's patterns, the Irresistible. Joe graciously shares his father's original recipe and unique tying techniques for this pattern, and I want to thank him for taking the time to do so. Enjoy! Tim
  9. Ha ha!! Thanks, and I'll see what I can do. ;-)
  10. I've been tying with a Stonfo Kaiman for years and finally got around to a vise review (sorry it took so long!). In this video, I give an overview of the Kaiman and talk about the qualities that make it unique, most notably its holding ability and unique head. I also show the Kaiman holding a size 5/0 hook down to a 32 (yes, that's correct!). Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions about the vise, Tim
  11. I prefer to use the Hanak jig hooks for my Perdigon's and Coq de Leon for the tails. When I get to 18's and smaller, I'll change to a different hook because I haven't found a jig hook in those small sizes (with a large gap) that holds larger fish. Here's a tutorial I made on the Perdigon...the key is keep it thin. Tim
  12. I love Parasol patterns, and the fly you fish is truly up to your imagination... Tim Pheasant Tail Parasol: Post:
  13. Hope they go well! Sorry to hear your club isn't getting a table, as I think there will be still many into saltwater attending. If you do have a chance to tie there, let me know so I can say hi. Tim
  14. For those of you in the NE, the International Fly Tying Symposium will be taking place on November 11 & 12 at the Marriott in Lancaster, PA (location change from previous years). This is the premiere event for tyers, and I'm honored to be participating for my second year. I hope to see many of you @ the IFTS this November, as I know a few from this forum will be tying and attending at the show. Website: http://www.internationalflytyingsymposium.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flytyingsymposium/ Tim
  15. My newest video is live, featuring a Parasol Post PT Emerger. After my last video showed how to create the post, I wanted to share a pattern that fishes very well below the post (aside from the typically-used midge). Tim
  16. Thanks for the comment, and as I mentioned in the video, there are many great threads out there that lay flat like UNI-Nylon. The UTC 70 thread is probably the one you're mentioning, and it works great for the splitting technique. Regarding colors, I know many on this forum now take a minimalist approach, and I'm definitely slanting in that direction. Having two choices for UNI-Nylon (white and black) has turned into a positive thing for my tying and forced me to adapt accordingly. Thanks again for mentioning the UTC, and I'm glad it works for you. Tim
  17. Many on this forum use split thread techniques (and make it look easy!). I wanted to help those who have some trouble with it, and hope this video answers some questions. Enjoy! Tim
  18. Hi Retro, Small doses of me for sure! Ha ha... So you have some great tyers and channels listed, though a lot to go through. Here's the page where I'm adding them: http://www.troutandfeather.com/fly-tying-videos/#/best-of-the-rest/ I've included a few of those you suggested. If you could give me any specific video links to the patterns you'd like, that would be really helpful. Thanks again! Tim
  19. In The Riffle is included...thanks! Got it added, and what a great tie! The Mylar Mackerel is now on the page, thanks... Mr. Clarke has some great videos out there, and I added him to the page. Thanks again for the suggestions! Tim
  20. Added it to my new page, thanks! Tim
  21. Good question, Rick, and I place the SH further up by the eye. I quickly rub it into the thread (and much gets absorbed), then as I whip finish, I am only touching the outer thread. So I do touch the SH, but such a small amount that I can rub my fingers together and it's gone. Tim
  22. Thanks! You must have missed that part in the video...but I target smallies, largemouth, bluegills, perch, stripers, and trout with this pattern. The trout and stripers are targeted differently than the others. Hi Steven, and I'm unsure of an exact match. Vary the body length based on the type of species you're chasing. I've switched to these Hanak streamer hooks for most larger patterns (especially articulated streamers) and have fallen in love with them. Tim
  23. Here's a version of the Gartside Gurgler that's been productive for me over the years. I'd love to hear some of your variations to this pattern, too, as I'm sure there are many! Tim
  24. For now, if there is a favorite YouTube fly tying tutorial of yours out there, I'd love to hear about it. Depending on the number of tutorials I feature, there may be categories to differentiate the types. Thanks! Agreed, and he will be represented... Tim
  25. Hi, all! I'm in the process of updating my website and want to list a section on the best (i.e. most informational) fly tying videos. I am looking for the specific videos versus channels. Thanks ahead of time for any links you offer! Thanks, Tim
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