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  1. In my recent video, I share a Hi-Vis FoamAnt that I like to fish in faster currents. I'm curious to hear if others have ideas about maintaining visibility with ant patterns. Tim
  2. What more can I say than, "Squirmy Wormy!" This is one that's worked for me very well, though I am nearly embarrassed to admit it. How about all of you? Tim
  3. tctrout

    Nail Knot Tool

    Thanks for the kind words, and big difference in those two knots!! My newest video is out...and don't judge me! ;-) Tim
  4. tctrout

    Nail Knot Tool

    Thanks, though I can't take credit for it...just happy to share with others looking for a smooth connection. I appreciate the kind words, and loops are MUCH easier...but as I said in the video, I've limited their use to that one situation. Tim
  5. Here's my newest video on a nail knot tool I've been using for years. I prefer the nail knot over other connections (though the super glue one is a lot of fun!), and would love to hear your thoughts on other connection types. Thanks, TC
  6. The Perdigon nymph is a unique one that has the slender look of a buzzer, depending on how it's tied. It's a great fly to fish, though many steps to finish it to specs. I go through the complete process in my video and am interested to know how many others fish this, plus any variations of the pattern. Thanks! Tim
  7. I know that many of you on this forum blend your own dubbings, and in this video, I share my process. If you have any advanced techniques, I'd love to hear about them. Thanks! Tim
  8. Nice job on the video, and my favorite part was seeing the reaction of those other fish in the fish tank when the streamer came jigging by! ;-) TC
  9. I had Don Ward on my channel and he tied this Sulphur Parachute. The key to this pattern is that the wing case is a UV material (Flashabou) that glows once a UV light is applied to it. The fly works wonders at dusk! ;-) TC
  10. In my newest fly tying video, Don Ward of the Keystone Fly Rod Company ties his unique version of the Sulphur Spinner...and you can see it at dusk! Enjoy, TC
  11. All is going well with me, and I hope the same for you! Thanks for the kind words, and I appreciate your comments. The X-Acto knife and other sturdier ones are great tools to have on the bench, and may ultimately be safer, too. The key is about control, as you said, and those larger ones do well as pattern size increases. Thanks again, and I hope you had a great Easter. Tim
  12. In my most recent video, I share a couple razor blade tools that I regularly use at my bench. I'm sure many of you have others to recommend, thus I'd love to hear what other blades are being used. Enjoy! Tim
  13. To me, fly tying and gadgets are absolutely connected, and in this video, I share one of my favorite ones, the magnetic bingo wand. I'd love to hear about some of your favorite gadgets to use on the bench, too. Enjoy! Tim
  14. Bruce Cox of the Pittsburgh area was a guest tyer for my YouTube channel and tied a Sulphur Thorax. There are lots of great tips in this video, including showing how to burn wings, split mayfly tails, tame thread, and wrapping thorax hackle. We hope you enjoy this one! TC
  15. Gary LaFontaine's Sparkle Emerger has been a great pattern for many over the years, and I wanted to share a variant that has worked very well for me recently. I'm sure many of you also have variations, and I'd love to hear about those, too... Enjoy! TC
  16. My annual Project Healing Waters Collection is underway, and thanks to those who have donated in the past, or have already sent in items for this year's collection. As in year's past, PHW is accepting new and gently used fly tying and fly fishing supplies, plus any items used for rod building. If you're unsure whether to donate, just let me know and I can get you the details. Address for the collection (until the beginning of March): Tim Cammisa P.O. Box 2615 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 Thanks again for the support, as these items will be immediately placed in the hands of veterans via Project Healing Waters, Tim For further details, please watch my video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dmfXJ-KmwE
  17. Thanks for putting this together, Blane, and happy to help out. Tim
  18. Thank you for all of the incredible suggestions from my earlier post, and in this second video, I describe the various social media outlets that have a positive impact on fly tying. This list includes: Facebook Instagram Pinterest YouTube Various websites (including this one) I appreciate all of your comments and did my best to quote everyone who submitted a resource for others to benefit from. Thanks again! Tim
  19. LOVE the look of this one...thanks for sharing! TC
  20. In my newest fly tying tutorial, I feature Chuck Furimsky sharing his Turbo Tail pattern for larger fish. This fly incorporates Turbo Tails, a leather material that relates to his Bugskin. This is definitely a unique material, and I hope everyone enjoys both the tying portion and information Chuck shares. TC
  21. I've not kept up-to-date in the world of tiny flies (i.e. midges!), thus anyone know which hooks (available) are around in the size 30 range? Thanks, and any links to purchase would be great! Tim
  22. Thanks for the clarification, Mike, as many of the stories I've heard over the years were simply stories. Keep up the great work with those streamers you're tying! Tim
  23. Well, maybe I don't know that spot. Ha ha!
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