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  1. This is a variation of one of his recipes, and the dubbing is the MS Bugger Dubbing. Compared to his video, I use less of the material. It is extremely buggy and I've caught trout and smallmouth on the pattern. It's tough to dub directly on, thus I use a dubbing loop. TC
  2. Thanks for all of the info., but I guess I should have clarified; does anyone know of other dubbing brushes available to purchase already made (aside from EP Brushes)? I have been making them for some time, but am doing research for a future video and like to have multiple options for viewers. Thanks again! Tim
  3. I've been playing around with dubbing brushes, including even making my own. Aside from the EP Brushes, are there any others out there being used on a regular basis that you can recommend? Thanks! Tim
  4. Thanks, Mike, and do you mind sharing any of the Facebook groups you are in? Tim Two are just called Fly Tying plus Bug Bond. The Seven Continents of Fly fishing And FlyTying and a couple of different Tenkara Groups that are not tying specific. Great suggestions, Mike (and we belong to a couple of the same on FB!). I'll be sure to give you credit for them in the Part Two video...thanks! Tim
  5. Thanks for the comments, and I think you know the answer to your own question, which is by others sharing with one another proper procedures and techniques. I prefer to stay on the positive side, thus are there any Facebook groups, tyers on Instagram, or others you would recommend? Tim
  6. Thanks, Mike, and do you mind sharing any of the Facebook groups you are in? Tim
  7. Put me down for a half dozen trout flies, Blane; thanks for taking the time to set this up. Tim
  8. It does, and you've shared a lot on Instagram! Thanks...
  9. Wow, that's a lot. I'll be sure to mention the Streamer page during Part Two; any other groups you'd like me to mention? BTW, I'll also give you credit for sharing...thanks!
  10. I just made a short video asking for your thoughts on the impact of Social Media and Fly Tying. It's obvious that most on this site are into forums, but what about Facebook and Instagram? What ways do you use them, and what (if any) tyers or FB groups can you recommend to others? I will be recording all of the comments from this video, and place them into Part Two in the next few weeks. Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts! Merry Christmas, Tim
  11. Ha ha, you'll have to let me know that pool! ;-)
  12. In my newest YouTube fly tying tutorial, I share the Cinnamon Toast Baetis. This BWO nymph imitation was created by Kevin Compton, owner of Performance Flies in Central PA. This is a great fly that fishes well all over, and I would love to hear what others think of the body material, Condor Substitute. Tim
  13. tctrout

    The Mop Fly!

    pictures? Most pics were taken with the guy's phone I was guiding. It was a PHW event. 40+ vets. The only one I have my phone is this one on a black crystal bugger. This post is not exactly a ringing advertisement for the mop fly, but honestly, it's probably not a fly I am going to fish if I were on the water. I had to ask other guides for a couple for him to use and I think they all ended up in trees. We probably landed 2 on the mop. Went to clown eggs. Then hopper droppers which worked well, although I can't remember what the dropper was. Around the campfire, the mop was reported as widely successful. Very cool...and nice brookie!
  14. tctrout

    The Mop Fly!

    My Mop Fly video is now live, and I'd love to hear what others think of a pattern like this. Enjoy! Tim
  15. You're welcome, and you will have to let us know how you did with it! Tim
  16. It's great to see that a Fly Tying Symposium can still generate such a discussion on this board! I want to jump in and give my impressions of this year's IFTS, especially since it was my first time attending (I was invited last year but had a conflicting event). At the IFTS, I had the opportunity to teach a tying class, give a presentation, be part of the "Meet the Blogger's" forum, and tie at my booth. All of my presentations were well-attended and the audiences were great. Many spoke with me afterward and it was great to connect with so many people. Being that I feature my tying mainly on YouTube, the IFTS was a way for me to meet many individuals that I had only previously communicated with electronically. To respond to those on this thread talking about making it "fresh", the "Meet the Bloggers" forum was a new component and one that I had suggested to the show's Director, Mr. Chuck Furimsky. He immediately loved the idea and ran with it; Chuck was very approachable and looking for new ideas. The forum included YouTubers (Jim Misiura, Tim Flagler of Tightlines, and myself), two competition fly fishermen (Loren Williams and Josh Miller, the newest member of Fly Fishing Team USA), and Matt Grobert of Caddis Chronicles. The panel had a fun discussion and then led into an open segment where the audience could freely interact with panel members (plus each audience member received a free drink ticket!). Related to the notion of getting younger individuals involved, I shared a booth with Josh Miller and it seemed everyone from ages 25 and younger stopped to say hi and see what he was tying. He is a presence on Facebook and Instagram, and it was obvious that those using social media knew of him and wanted to see the newest Team USA patterns. I absolutely agree with those on this forum sharing their opinions that it's through personal interactions that we gain more knowledge, and I experienced that personally while talking with others about their patterns. I was most impressed with the sheer number of tyers that were simply available to the crowd. I found it tough to stay in my booth the entire show and made a couple rounds to see some incredible tyers, many from around the world (including South Africa, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.). There were the big names we all know, but also so many incredible tyers simply sharing their passion. There were many opportunities to interact, and I believe both the spectators and tyers enjoyed it (I know I did). Regarding the other presentations, I did not have a chance to watch but really wanted to see Theo Bakelaar (sharing his eel skins techniques) and Blane Choklett (trigger flies). The same goes for vendors, though I was able to pick up a few things that I prefer to buy in-person (i.e. Collins Hackle). This was an incredible show from my perspective and I hope to have the opportunity to participate in it again next year. I typically attend the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, but as a spectator (so I have time to watch the presentations!). I will be back at the IFTS and also plan on spreading the word about it because it's such a unique show. In short, it was a true "Symposium" of individuals gathered to share and talk about the craft we all love. Tim
  17. John Mlakar is featured in my newest video, tying a Swimming Crane Fly Larva that is SIMPLE to both tie and fish. He also shares some of his personal variations. Enjoy! Tim
  18. Chuck Furimsky has used his Bugskin to create a fun pattern he calls the "Chuck Nymph." The fly has applications in both streams and lakes, plus there are lots of possible variations. You'll also get a kick out of how he came up with the name! Thanks, TC
  19. There is no play in mine, which I've been tying on for nearly two years...
  20. My father has decided to return to duck hunting, which is a bonus for me. I've tried my best to explain and show him the "select" cdc feathers, but an article with pictures would be great. Has anyone come across a good one over the years that shows the process and the types of feathers to select? Thanks! Tim
  21. Glad to hear it, and be sure to let me know how it works. Thanks for the kind works, and the dubbing works really well. When it comes to products that others have created, I tend to defer to those names (and there is already a Bird's Nest pattern, ha ha!). I have fished this fly, but only a couple times, and it has worked well both times out. The vise is a great one, and I enjoy many of the Stonfo products. Have you used many of them? They can be tough to find in the US since the products are primarily carried in Europe. Tim
  22. In this video, I show a really fun pattern that uses only a few materials, the MS Bugger. This fly features a unique dubbing from Fly Tyers Dungeon, which many of you may know and use. I'd love to hear if you are using the MS Bugger dubbing on any other patterns, as it's been fun to tie with. Thanks and enjoy! Tim
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