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  1. It's great to see a variety of examples of "hot spots" being used, and I prefer to use them for points of contrast. Some of the thread collars behind beads that many tie can be difficult to see (for me, no clue for the fish), typically because there are only a few wraps and they can get tucked away. Many times I prefer to place a hot spot "tag" on the fly, which tends to look like a fluorescent egg sac. This pattern has a hot spot "tag" (or is it "tip" because I don't tie salmon flies...yet!), and a disco bead. Basically, I'm trying to blind the fish! ;-)
  2. tctrout

    Norvise Review

    Thanks for your thoughts, Craig, and you always bring up some great talking points. For the notion of thread, it does come down to a speed versus cost and it's something that I appreciate you mentioning. Regardless of if tying for profit or passion, everyone adopts a style and at the moment, that's mine. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and I'll consider a change in the future. For the peacock herl, I will definitely try that versus guessing the weak location...thanks for that tip! Tim
  3. tctrout

    Diamond Caddis

    Thanks for the kind words, and I'm happy to promote Andrew!
  4. tctrout

    Norvise Review

    Great suggestion! BTW, I have yet to tie on the Jvice, but it's definitely on my short-list to try... TC
  5. tctrout

    Norvise Review

    Very comical! Sorry to disappoint, but there is always coffee or water in the mug. It's never filled to the top for obvious reasons (though in part I can blame my Italian heritage for my "talkative" hands!). Tim
  6. Andrew Dang is the guest tier on my newest fly tying video and does a great job sharing the Diamond Caddis. It's even cooler that he's only in 10th grade! Keep it up, Andrew... TC
  7. WOW! That was great...thanks for sharing! TC
  8. I like it for sure, and glad to hear it works! ;-)
  9. They perform as expected, being that you can simply tighten/loosen in a second. When you find the most common tension you need, the adjustment from that point tends to be minor, and easy to return to your "zero" point.
  10. This is the big question with so many things in tying and fly fishing. The answer really depends on the type of person you are and your desire to try new things. My best example is wading shoes: I found a pair I love a few seasons ago and now own four pairs...but if I see another pair that intrigues me, I will still take the plunge just because! Is there that big of a difference IF you're already vested with another bobbin you like and are happy with? I don't believe so. But if you're like me and love many aspects of tying (especially the tools),then you're always ready to try another product for the sake of checking it out. I hope that makes sense, and if you decide to try one, please let me know your thoughts... Tim
  11. The Stonfo bobbins are similar, but by no means the same. They have different characteristics, with their main similarity being a tension system. Being that Rite are such a popular bobbin, they are the "one" that many others get compared to. I try to steer away from comparisons and point out the features of each, as both are excellent bobbins for us. Here's a great article by Martin Joergensen related to the various bobbins out there he was familiar with: http://globalflyfisher.com/tie-better-tying-tools/bobbin-holders TC
  12. I've always used burners and have limited experience w/ cutters...would be interested in what others have to say. TBH, I only use the burners occasionally at best and prefer impressionism over realism. TC
  13. I'm glad you mentioned that about the half-hitches, Nick...the large-diameter Stonfo MAY have that ability. I've never tried it, but will investigate a bit. Thanks for the reply and sharing your bobbins. Tim
  14. I'm unsure how you knew if I was calm when making the recommendation...but I simply copied and pasted the first link. Thanks for checking, as I recently added that link to the "Resources" page of my website! Wow! I think I paid $20 for my copy, new. I'll have to take better care of it. Ha ha...me too! It's a great book, but now maybe I should list it! ;-)
  15. Great comments so far, and I'll add this book by Mike Harding to the list: https://www.amazon.com/Guide-North-Country-Flies-Step/dp/1845134893 TC
  16. Thanks for the kind words, Retro! Is there a bobbin you prefer? Tim
  17. Ha ha...trust me, I will never go there! ;-) Thanks!
  18. In my newest video, I did a review of the Stonfo Elite series of bobbins. If you've used them, I'd love to hear your thoughts...plus any additional comments related to other bobbins out there you would recommend. Thanks! TC
  19. Lots of great stuff said, and I'll throw in that I've used wood duck hen wings, and have done well tying with them. The quality of the duck wings does matter, though this is a pattern that requires practice to tie proficiently. When first learning to tie it, I went through a lot of feathers, simply practicing the wing over and over, cutting them off with razor blades and retying until I got it right. The other piece to note is that this pattern fishes well after getting separated over time (from fish, casting, etc.), thus if your fly doesn't match the pictures/videos exactly, don't worry about it as the fish still love these (just be sure your proportions are on). TC
  20. One of the newest Fly Fishing Team USA members, Josh Miller, tied for my YouTube channel, introducing all of us to one of his newer creations, the Beach Body Stone. Fishing all throughout Pennsylvania, Josh has had success with this pattern, and is happy to share it with everyone else. Enjoy! TC
  21. For those of you that fish spring creeks (I live in PA, and fish a few ;-) now and then), you know the Cress Bug is a great producer throughout the year. In my newest fly tying video, I feature a simple one tied on a jig hook; enjoy. I'd love to hear about any variations you make to yours, especially on the creation of the body. Additionally, any information related to their entomology would be welcome..thanks! TC
  22. Now that the sulphurs are in full swing, though nearly gone on some streams, I wanted to share one of my favorite patterns to fish during the hatch, the Sulphur Comparadun. I'd love to hear what some of your favorites are, too, during this fun hatch! TC
  23. Love the look of this one...thanks for sharing! TC
  24. In my newest video, I completed a review of the Norvise System, focusing mainly on the standard vise and fine jaws. I know many on this forum tie on a variety of vises, thus would love to hear your thoughts on this one. For those that do tie on a Norvise, let me know if I've hit the major points, and please feel free to add to the discussion. Thanks! TC
  25. Not a bad price at all at that place! I have gotten mine primarily from Allen Fly Fishing for the last couple years: http://www.allenflyfishing.com/tungsten-ball-beads/ TC
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