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  1. thanks for the replies many thanks for the video burce i had a go following your instructions and im pleased enough with the result i think i can improve on the next few i have not yet put eyes on my fly could you plese explain the stuff you used for sticking the eyes thank you all the best john
  2. nice tying artur i think it could have its place in a seatrout box all the best john
  3. i like the subtle amount of flash nice tying od hat all the best john
  4. i like it a lot thanks for posting all the best john
  5. hi all i am trying to get a box of streamers together for the forthcomming season i want to tie up a few patterns using sculpin wool as a head first however im finding it diffficut to get inspiration for patterns. im wondering if any of you could provide some inspiration. second could any of you provide some tips on working with sculpin wool all the best john
  6. always like seeing conehead tubes hope to see more all the best john
  7. excellent flies my favourite is the one with hackle tip wings hope to tie some speys myself for next season all the bet john
  8. hi all just finished my hair wing box a mixture of singles and doubles from size 3 salars to size 16 wilsons a mixture of irish scottish canadian and scandinivian flies hope you all like them now time to tie some streamers for trout all the best john
  9. excellent tying RoyalWulff wish you best of luck with it when you try it our all the best john
  10. fantastic body excellent fly all round hoping to see more paul all the best john
  11. mike very interestng flies i will bear these in mind when i put a box of waddington shanks together for the atlantics all the best john
  12. excellent fly oliva what did you use in the body? all the best john
  13. nice fly paul im wondering where do you get your serebrianka?? all the best john
  14. very nice tying paul do you get much chancr to fish for salmon? all the best john
  15. hi oliva excellent fly hope to see many more all the best john
  16. hi all the next fly for hairwing box i tied this for the first time this summer it got me my first fish of the season off my local river it is tied on a size 10 low water silver double it was also on this size that my brother lost a big fish in russia this summer ( he had 2 15lbers and this one was a lot bigger- unluckly to be using small fly at the time) i am going to tie this also in orange and gold anyway hope you all like it all the best john
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Yellow & Silver Thunderflash
  18. hi all another one for the hair wing box this i belive was first tied by warren duncan when deciding on a green fly for the box i flipped a coin between this and another fly called galway green. no point in having 2 green flies of same construction in the box its tied on a size 6 not sure type of hook hope you all like it all the best john
  19. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Canadian Green
  20. nice fly micke sure to be nice movement in them hackles what did you use for the hackles? all the best john
  21. nice icelandic flies jens hope to getthere myself some day what are the black hooks you are using jens all the best john
  22. nice tying old hat i do like the aj steelhead iorns very much good for fast flows when you want to fish a size smaller the problem is there hard to get over here all the best john
  23. very nice thanks for posting jens all the best john
  24. nice tying old hat i think the old Alec Jackson really makes the fly all the best john
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