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  1. thanks for the replies


    many thanks for the video burce


    i had a go following your instructions and im pleased enough with the result


    i think i can improve on the next few


    i have not yet put eyes on my fly


    could you plese explain the stuff you used for sticking the eyes


    thank you


    all the best



  2. hi all


    i am trying to get a box of streamers together for the forthcomming season


    i want to tie up a few patterns using sculpin wool as a head


    first however im finding it diffficut to get inspiration for patterns. im wondering if any of you could provide some inspiration.


    second could any of you provide some tips on working with sculpin wool


    all the best


  3. hi all


    the next fly for hairwing box


    i tied this for the first time this summer


    it got me my first fish of the season off my local river


    it is tied on a size 10 low water silver double


    it was also on this size that my brother lost a big fish in russia this summer ( he had 2 15lbers and this one was a lot bigger- unluckly to be using small fly at the time)


    i am going to tie this also in orange and gold


    anyway hope you all like it


    all the best


  4. hi all


    another one for the hair wing box


    this i belive was first tied by warren duncan


    when deciding on a green fly for the box i flipped a coin between this and another fly called galway green.


    no point in having 2 green flies of same construction in the box


    its tied on a size 6 not sure type of hook


    hope you all like it


    all the best


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