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  1. certainly good to go fishing Jamie just wondering what you used for the body hackle all the best john
  2. Carambola a very nice tie almost too good to be fished all the best john
  3. beautiful looking fly hope to see more all the best john
  4. hi all this is a retie of the roe purple i done at the weekend many thanks for all your comments Matt i have used a finer tinsel in the tag looks better than the medium to those who commented on the roof i think it is a small improvement i think another few flies may improve my technique Ronn i followed the lines you put on my fly, not too bad on the body i dont think but the wing is still a problem, i probably handled it too much during tying i had to remarry it a couple of times i think i will tie the flies in Ronns lessons pages on his site there are still techniques i need to master ok then here is my retie a small improvement maybe?? all the best john
  5. a very nice collection of flies good job all the best john
  6. i like very much what did you use for the body hackle? all the best john
  7. many thanks to all for your hints and comments i think what i will do is to retie this fly in the next few days i will also look at buy a good book all the best john
  8. very nice flounder a lot of stuff going on you certainly done a good job on copying davys fly all the best john
  9. i like it lots jens thanks for postin all the best john
  10. hi all this is my second go at a classic the Roe Purple from Malones book thanks to those who helped me out on the wings as can be seen i have trouble with the mallard roof i would appreciate if anyone could give me some tips still loads more flies to tie to improve any here it is all the best john
  11. Davy a craacking fly deffinatly the bench mark for all all the best john
  12. hi all for my second classic i am attempting a Roe Purple form Ted Malones book my question is to do with the wing the hook i am tying on is a 2/0 i am using goose for the wing and is assembeled as follows 2 strands of blue, yellow and red 4 strands of blue, yellow and red 6 strands of blue, yellow and red it seems too many fibers would any have advice no assembling the wing please all the best john
  13. Bass lovely fly i would like to see a step by step for it all the best john
  14. thank you for the comments guys. a nice lookin daddy alex yeah the royal wulff was a tough one alright bruce we call crane flies in uk and ireland daddy long legs maybe the spider is an american thing also in some parts of ireland anyway it is known as the harry long legs all the best john
  15. Carambola very nice flies Carambola the tails would be a good target point
  16. a very nice selection of flies Daryn i assume they are originally northwest steelhead patterns?? well worth a go on the atlantics all the best john
  17. you tie very interesting looking flies good job all the best john
  18. not bad all the same the winging work is pretty good all the best john
  19. hi all an old irish pattern dont do enough lake fishing to use it much but i would fish it on a bright day hope you all like it all the best john
  20. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Claret Olive
  21. yes i have to say it is a nice collection of flies good job all the best john
  22. hi all a fly i tied for the open leauge for fyfishing and flytying magaizene in the uk however i was select for the master competition so a different fly was required so this one stays in my box use it in september dry on river or wet or dry on lake hope you like it all the best john
  23. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Daddy Long Legs
  24. Jon Boy


    mr caddis a nice fly i find im too scared to fish them as they take a while to tie dont want to lose them all the best john
  25. hi all one of my favourite dry patterns hope you all like it all the best john
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