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  1. Hello haha I use a pattern for the green dranke hatch as follows. tail and wing are of natural brown bucktail the body is a finger mix of olive and yellow dubbing. the hackles are a blue dun with an olive wound through followed by a yellow wound through. the hacklinf comes from a pattern called the mosely mayfly hope this is of use
  2. Nice fly The dubbing gives the fly a very busy look
  3. As with all your flies Ronn They are stunning pieces of work
  4. Very nice flies Best of lick with them
  5. A well tied fly. Certainly if the fly was to be fished the longer hackle would produce more movement. Seeing the fly i may simplfy the wing and use it a a fishable pattern.
  6. The head finish on the fly is superb. A beautiful looking fly
  7. Nice fly dave. Not used to classics im wondering how long it takes to tie a fly like this
  8. This was my first attempt at a templedog. Any critisim is is gratefully accepted.
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Red Sandy Templedog (click link for more info)
  10. A good fishable tie. Whats the abdomen material?
  11. Just a pure work of art. The symmetery is brillliant. Makes me want to get into clasasics
  12. Cracking Fly Peaty Mann How long did it take to tie
  13. Just the stuff for Corrib Browns
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