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  1. nice take on the classic VERN-O good job what type of tube did you tie this on? all the best john
  2. again thanks for the comments here i think is the Glödhäck hope you all like it i think i have enough red butts tied now time for some thing different all the best john
  3. hi all thanks for all your comments i have attached one i have tied canadian style this is my first time tying a hairwing in this style have i got it right? all the best john ps what river are you fishing in the picture jens?
  4. a very good fly for the hook micke excellent tying as usual all the best john
  5. ive never seen the wing so high on these style of flies before interesting! sure to have some nice movemnet all the best john
  6. excellent jens it reminds me of the famous irish fly green peter tied spey style the dee version is very good too all the best john
  7. hi all its only this summer that i realised that traditional hairwing are important flies to have in your box for salmon fishing before this i used irish and long tail shrimps and also getting into scandivanian style flies so here is the start of my hair wing box its tied on a size 11 partridge salar double hope you all like it all the best john
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Red Butt
  9. many thanks for the picture all the best john
  10. i like very much very interesting bodies all the best john
  11. hi all 2 more mini tubes for the collection again tied on 1/2 copper and plastic tubes this is a gold bodied willie gunn this for me was a difficult tie as i rolled the bucktail round the tube in 2 bunches for me its difficult to do on a small tube not totally pleased with them however thell go into the box as they are a style of fly i expect not to use too often all the best john
  12. super this is an interesting style of fly for me i wondering how you are going to rig the hook for it? all the best john
  13. excellent yhis is the perfect example of what a spey fly should look like hope to have a go at thses flies someday all the best john
  14. nice fly with nice movement i like the hook too all the best john
  15. hi all starting my tying for next season i am going to have a small box with some small tubes i have mini tubes on 1/2 inch copper and plastic tubes and the hitch tubes are on various diameters of plastic i have also attached a bundle of fluff which was the result of two gflies not going my way this evening hope to show you all the finished box soon hope you all like them all the best john
  16. excellent flies as always paul i can see pulling this through a wave in the lake when the greendrakes are hatching by the way paul how do you rate the service from taimen i see they do free post in EU all the best john
  17. hi all one i hope to try out this spring seems i always have trouble tapering these wings !! hope you all like it btw all excellent flies that have been posted lately all the best john
  18. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Blue Wheasel
  19. hi all made a start on my streamer box wolly buggers in black olive and white tied on size 6 kamasan lure hooks hope you all like them ps i wondering if anyone would suggest any other straemer patterns as im new to streamer fishing all the best john
  20. excellent paul im wondering if we could get a picture of the fly wet all the best john
  21. excellent fly i like the shape a lot all the best john
  22. excellent fly mike no crayfish in my rivers but im sure if this went past a fished nose they wouldnt refuse how do you go about fishing this one mike? all the best john
  23. hi all been tying some shumakov style tubes flies from top left working clock wise 1 Shongjui 2 Fast Eddy 3 Orange Long Range 4 Black Long Range Hope you all like them all the best john
  24. dave the post is made from dray dun polypropylene floating yarn it is from wapsi all the best john
  25. here you are ray daddy long legs
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