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  1. hi ray thanks for posting the pictures i think we can see it is a mistake to varnish the cat gut when the water absorbs into the catgut it looks so much better all the best john
  2. hi all starting on dry flies for nest season here a have klinkhamers in a few differents shades on size 16 kilinkamer hooks i have some tied on 18s(not pictured) what i will do also is tie some on 12s for searching on fast water hope you all like them all the best john
  3. stu you can get these hooks from lakeland flytying i think they are cheaper than salars the only problem is that they only go down to a size 7 all the best john
  4. olliojamo i am thinking you work for eumer i have used emur tubes i think they are good all the best john
  5. excellent as always john
  6. excellent tying bob the more i see speys the more i want to tie them(lot more other styles to tie first though) all the best john
  7. love seeing nice full tidy boxs excellent tying Shaq all the best john
  8. ray excellent tying as always both zonkers without flaw all the best john
  9. lovely ray im wondering if you could wet those little beauties and photograph them to see differencr between wet and dry states ps i havent forgot about articles i just cant get time at work to scan them all the best john
  10. Jon Boy

    60 DOZEN

    wow that is serious production line flytying all the best john
  11. ray its for freshwater all my salmon fishing is done in rivers john
  12. many thanks for the comments guys
  13. hi all the third long tail shrimp i have tied this one is allys gowans orininal pattern from which so many variants came from however the cascade would always be my first choice in my mind they are for the same conditions tied on a size 9 gold salar single hope you all like it all the best john
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Allys Shrimp
  15. hi all another long tail shrimp i tied i have never fished this one before but like the look of it purple is a good colour for salmon it is tied on a partride salar size 9 hope you all like it all the best john
  16. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Silk Cut Shrimp
  17. hi all i tied some long tail shrimps about 2 weeks ago the cascade is may favourite of all long tail shrimps this is tied on a size 7 alec ackson gold spey hook hope you all like it all the best john
  18. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Cascade
  19. hi ray a lot of color and a lot of movement on this fly i would use it with the thoughts if it doesnt scare them away they will grab it i have not seen many atlantic salmon flies with this colour scheme ( even though you are probably using it for steelhead) all the best john
  20. lovely i really like the look of speys must start giving them a swin all the best john
  21. Excellent tying Jamie There is a nice translucence in the yellow mohair Just one thing you could help me out with? I am not too familiar with mohair but i am just thinking will slim down maybe too much in the stream? these type of flies were designed to produce a big profile in the water ?? Maybe Jens can answer this keep it up all the best john
  22. Excellent tying Ulf i am wondering how you go about fishing this one? all the best john
  23. very nice never used pink on trout before but will give it a go this season all the best john
  24. many thanks ray maybe one of the reasons i did not catch many fish last season is cause i had no flies to use named after me now i do i do like the red at the throat hope its a killer all the best john
  25. many thanks guys paul the hackle i use is from a mallard wing Henphorpe Purple no peacock spiders doh Working from left to right from bottom to top they are called Greenwells Spider, Williams Favourite Henthorpe Purple, Partridge & Yellow Winter Brown, Phesant Tail Broughtons Point, Claret Hares ear Partridge & Orange, Silver Spider Hares Ear Greenwells Glory all the best john
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