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  1. hi all i think i started this back in november to have a full range of wets to do me for march april and a bit of may i have never possesed a full leaf of flies before i found this a hard task to accoplish i am not a prolific tier and hate tying the same pattern the other side of the box is for dries which i will start after some nymphs any way here is the box all the best john
  2. hi ray i like this a lot it has a nice baitfish profile to it i was going to tie this for my streamer box when i get it going i will reference your tie for the shape i am wondering what a dubbed body of something like pearl ice dub will look like im thinking i will give a nice shiny belly like a juvenile fish all the best john
  3. hi all just letting you know that one of the members of FTF Peaty Mann has been posting videos on you tube those who have seen his flies before can see he is one of the best flytiers around you will learn a lot from these many thaks to davy for sharing jis knowledge for free Davys You Tube Page all the best john
  4. hi all inspired by micke postings i decided to post something myself i had a pack of gold bartleets in a size 1/0 i was not sure what to do with them until i remembered mickes postings i think i will convert a few classic to these fox hairwings for use in springtime all the best john
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Goldfinch
  6. hi micke just wondering in what type of conditions would you use these big singes all the best john
  7. hi davie excellent step by step many thanks for posting will have to tie a few of these up all the best john
  8. Hi Micke Super Tying as always I will have to add some fox hair wings on singles to the fly boy by the way what size is that one i really like the ice dub head all the best john
  9. hi harold i see you are talking about using mono the article i read about cat gut the properties of this material is that it absords water and swells and becomes a kind of translucent this does not occur with mono click on this link catgut select the techniques button followed by advantage poland looks like this is gonna be a good search for catgut Paul yes i have that copy of todays flyfisher going to look for it now all the best john
  10. that is a super fly paul i read an article about cat gut in a british magazine and it is good to see from the polish masters themselves also many thanks for the step by step i have tried searching the web for catgut to buy wondering where do you get yours all the best john
  11. hi Phil nice tying hope to have some flies of this style in my box for next season thanks for the inspiration all the best john
  12. hi catskilljohn very nice fly certainly has lots of movement just one question how do you go about rigging up the hook to the waddington? all the best john
  13. hi davy excellent flies as usual its worth remembering that simple patterns also work well pink clouser however we are flytiers and its nice to have something extra davy if you have time i would like to see a close up photo and a material list now just to show what your flies are gonna catch all the best john
  14. voting done thanks to all and thanks to will all the best john
  15. hi Aarne beautiful fish what is the name of the river you caught it on i would like to see a picture of the fly it took all the best john
  16. beautiful i could sit and look at those flies all day all the best john
  17. ray do you take all your fly photos indoors or outdoors not being the best photographer i assume outdoors is best all the best john
  18. ray all your streamers of late have been excelent if you have time i would like to see a picture of them all together all the best john
  19. nothing beats looking at nice nice box of flies excellent job all the best john
  20. i like this something to use on a bright day in clear water all the best john
  21. kev you have a lot of europen infulence going on there you must have some experience of competition fishing? all the best john
  22. i like this fly very much is it a scud hook you are using? all the best john
  23. very nice flies are you using thes for trout fishing and if so what range are you fishing at all the best john
  24. hi damian i have ordered from them a few times service is excellent i got some dyed turkey from them i though it was cheap enough ad good enough for my needs all the best john
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