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  1. i like it a lot a lot of components in the fly what is used in the throat? all the best john
  2. hi all first of all this is the first spey fly i ever attempted to tie not easy at all first of all planning is important and i didnt plan this i used 3 ribs and it is a miricale they look as they do( there is a floss rib in there somewhere) i used red gp breast feather which seem ok for this size The winging i found difficult, i probably dont have good wquality mallard i think ill have a go at the dee before comming back to this anyway all comments and tips gratefully accepted all the best john
  3. hi all had another go at a stripwing i had taken photo of the tying process but were of poor quality and not worth posting this is tied on a size 5 partridge salar hook which has a curve on it anyway all tips and comments welcome all the best john
  4. hi all had a go at a strip wing a difficult tie i am still getting the bump on the rear of the flies - i will have to post a photo at this stage of tying as i dont understand what im doing wrong also some trouble with the wing its alittle skyward and there seems to be too much of a taper to the end of it - any help is always appreciated all the best john
  5. hi all with the end of the fishing season i have decided to give the classics another go after tying a few last year i have decided to start with the lessons on Ronns site any tips along the way will be most appreciated here are the first two rusty rat and silver monkey they are tied small on size 9 maybe i should do the lessons on bigger hooks? anyway here they are all the best john
  6. hi damian this is one i wouldnt mind trying for atlantics if no one was looking pink bunny? all the best john
  7. many thanks tompa what are the hackles on the flies all the best john
  8. hi tompa lovely flies as always i wonder if you get a minute if you could post the dressing of this fly as well as the Yellow White Wing. hope you have a good recovery all the best john
  9. yes i do like to see streamers nice tying i like them a lot all the best john
  10. hi all i have used the ceanis thread it is a single strand of polyester and in my opinion very hard to work with you cant lay into it at all i like using the trico thread it is fine enough and you can lay on a little more pressure all the best john
  11. ray i like the fly a lot ive admired these streamer flies since i joined the site i knew nothing of them before i decided to have a go at one myself it is crap but i am going to submit to FTOTY just wondering how effective these are for fishing are they any good for browns all the best john
  12. hi all flies for the big water winter floods in summer i will post some of these to the data base soon there are 3 temple dogs in orange, black and black&orange, a gold body willie gunn and a longrange tube in purple and black hope you all like them all the best john
  13. october is good fro me just finished my trout submissions all the best john
  14. Hartmut a nice irish tie its one i dont use myself your fly is light on colour and id reckon would work on a brightsh day all the best john
  15. nice fly ray i think i would use it as a sedge pupa imitation keep em coming all the best john
  16. hi all one for the seatrout tied on a size 8 never tried it before but will soon all the best john
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Jacobs Ladder
  18. ray the tubing i use is callex portex labrartory tubing i use 2 sizes one fits in the other the tube lenght on my flies is 3 to 4cm the finished fly is 5 to 6cm hope this helps all the best john
  19. hi all i tied this for if the water ever drops it is tied on a size 12 partridge low water the original uses flat silver in the body but i think ice dub looks much better. this is the first time i used ice dub and i may replace it with flat silver in a lot of flies any way hope you like it all the best john
  20. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Wikinsons Shrimp Light
  21. hi all phatagovra and serriakovra 2 flies for the big water we are having at the moment these patterns are in the pattern data base hope you like them all the best john
  22. beautiful fly looks like it would be a good choice for evening time all the best john
  23. thanks for the comments guys the shrimp style is my favourite type of salmon fly ray the holder is a woodwork project from the old shool days i think it was supposed to be a pen holder but i use it for drying varnished flies all the best john
  24. hi all have spent the last couple of weeks in the saltwater however unusal heavy rain has left good water in the rivers which should have a few salmon and white trout running this fly should do both i have never seen this pattern lised in books before but i first seen it in a shop many years ago it has worked particulary well for white trout the red head and silver hook were my own thoughts i dont know the name for this shrimp im sure it has one but ill stick with silver for the minute anyway hope you all like it all the best john
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