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  1. hi ray a nicely tied tube what lenght is it? the casting should be ok ive used temple dogs on similar outfits as yours without problems all the best john
  2. hi all just in the process of tying a fly i can just about marry goose an gp tail together however i tried goose and busturd and it just aint working. I have subbed busturd with peacock and it is still a tough job just wondering how many of you all use goose? will turkey make things easier? all the best john
  3. Steinar excellent idea converting these templedogs tubes to classic flies hope to see some more excellent tying all the best john
  4. Tompa great to see some flies again your tying is excellent i enjoyed the article. i think some times we all run into bad spells just keep fishing and they sort themselves out hope to see more flies all the best john
  5. Inconnu thank you for the comments ill see what i can do for a step by step as for fishing its a fly id only use on lakes as for presentation id fish it two ways for the buzzer hatches id fish it on the top dropper with 2 nymph patterns below. the nymps would be fishing static i.e. naturally like the real buzzer however if i wished to start a faster retrieve id have the movement and translucence of the bibio to attract a trout second if i was just wetfly fishing it would go on the point or middle dropper and retrieved at various speed through the waves waiting for a trout to strike i would like to point out i dont do a lot of fishing on lakes i am no expert on methods on the lakes we are mostly fishing from drifting boats here in ireland hope this helps all the best john
  6. Ray Duckfly is the same as buzzer or chiromid it is the first main insect hatch on the irish lake and starts around mid to end of march and into april it probably got the name duck fly because it emerges around the same time as the first hatches of mallard chicks the trout feed heavly on the assending pupa which just before emergence turn a brilliant orange colour which dissappears after a few seconds. The colour must be like a beacon to the trout. Hence the creation of this pattern hope this helps all the best john
  7. ray the fly is tied on an kamasan b160 the hook is a size 12 it is a short shank with a wide gape i like these type of hooks for extended body flies all the best john
  8. very nice tying let em go i was totally unaware of this style of tying until i joined ftf i have to say it is a beautiful style of fly i assume they are mostly used for browns all the best john
  9. greenwells glory gold ribbed hares ear klinkhammer gold head hares ear yep these 4 would do me nicely all the best john
  10. not one ive used much but looks pretty nonetheless all patterns subscribe to 2 turns of hackle all the best
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Palmonio Duck Fly
  12. my favourite and most sucessful pattern for the duckfly hatches it is tied on a size 12 short shank hook all the best john
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Orange Pupa
  14. lots of triggers for the fish should certainly take a few fish all the best john
  15. nice and simple good for the fish nice ties all the best john
  16. another pattern for the loughs which will work well year round but i like it during the duckfy fished on top dropper all the best john
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Bibio Variant
  18. hi all been tying a few flies for the duckfly hatch on the loughs which is just getting startet this is an untried pattern by me but hopefully would work if the trout were in the mood i have other patterns that i will post wondering what you will make of them all the best john
  19. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jon Boy: Black Pennel Variant
  20. a very nicely dressed fly Jeff do you know it is the compulsory fly in the FAOL contest? all the best john
  21. very eye catching colours excellent fly all the best john
  22. beautiful fly the wing is excellent all the best john
  23. frank your speys are an inspiration lovely patterns of late i appreciate the step by step in hatches all the best john
  24. younggrasshopper looks to be lots of movement in the fly when its swimming are your flies used for sea run or lake run steelhead all the best john
  25. they are some beautiful flies that you have posted lately keep up the tying all the best john
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