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  1. Wow, that is awesome to hear! Michael
  2. My last spalted bowl had a couple of soft spots in it. A member of our woodworking group had mentioned something called "Wood Hardener" by Minwax. Really interesting stuff. Definitely firms up the wood so you can turn it. Although I did find it tough on sandpaper. Not sure if I didn't let it set/harden long enough because it had a tendency to gum up the paper as it heated up. Michael
  3. Mark, I meant to ask if you found any of that bowl to be a bit too soft/punky? I've tried a couple of spalted pieces only to find them too far gone and quite difficult to work with. Michael
  4. Mark, WOW!!! I really mean to say WOW!!! That is absolutely gorgeous. 20" is huge. Did you do it on the outboard or are you able to get that inside the centers? Michael
  5. With the tool rest in place, it sounds just like the prop on an airboat. Kinda cool and has an enormous pucker factor. Michael
  6. Mikechell, This is today's progress. It is just half of the cube. Michael
  7. HUGE GONGRATS on some sleep! That is good to hear. Michael
  8. Started my next tri-corner bowl. At just shy of 16", this is the largest diameter bowl I will have attempted. This is what it looks like at 600rpm.
  9. Hey Mikechell, A trick that works well for when I make knitting needles. You will need a chuck on the drive side and a clamping system on the live center. I have a multi tip live center that I can use as a jam chuck. Then you can gently pull it apart rather than having inward pressure on the wand as you get thinner. This trick really cuts down on the harmonic disturbance. These are my most recent knitting needles that I made using this technique. These needles are a little over 10" long and approx. 3/16" thick. Michael
  10. Good looking wand turnings. Curious if you have tried any multi axis turnings. I wonder what it would look like on a wand and what kind if work it would take to do it? Michael
  11. Am I the only one that finds it peculiar that this young man has his lathe in a bomb shelter? Is that to protect the neighborhood for when things go wrong? Michael
  12. Huge congrats guys!!! I personally never took it up, however I remember my Dad saying giving up cigarettes it was the must difficult thing he ever did in his entire life. Michael
  13. Thank you Mikechell, I did cut the blank before I turned it. I was trying something different to get the winged look and figured it would be easier to cut first and ask questions later. Niveker, Thank you for the compliment. I originally did that to keep the strength, however a lot of people have commented on it for its beauty.
  14. My latest. I though it came out well. It is by far the best finish I have done on a bowl thus far. Michael
  15. I agree with Moshup, natural Muskrat, I personally would add some rusty red or burnt orange Rabbit to the equation. Michael
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