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  1. Good day Joseph,

    I have been working on some of Bergman's flies over the past few years. I can't say I am great at them but I am getting better. I truly enjoy tying them. Regrettably I did not have the opportunity to sign up in time for this swap. It is going to be awesome.


    I have just on request. Please post pictures of the end results. I would like to see what others have been able to accomplish.





  2. ISEE, I couldn't agree more. The tails make a fantastic "Dark PTN". I have many of the in my box and they are extremely effective here. I just used the biots as a substitute for a spinner pattern I was trying. It makes an incredible segmented body. I can't wait to cast it. Alas we need to get rid of some ice and snow. Last nights 2 inches of snow isn't helping at all.



  3. I'll add my two cents to this. Here in Maine it is clearly defined as two what constitutes a Fly and Fly Fishing waters.


    Fly (Artificial Fly):

    A single-pointed hook dressed with feathers, hair, thread, tinsel, or any similar material to which no additional hook, spinner, spoon or similar device is added.

    Fly Fishing:

    Casting upon water and retrieving in a manner in which the weight of the fly line propels the fly. No more than 3 unbaited artificial flies individually attached to a line may be used. (12654-A) (NOTE: It is unlawful to troll a fly in waters restricted to fly fishing only.) (12658)

    Now that being said, I do not know what the laws are in other States. However, I am quite sure that there would a ration if $#@^ you would take from the Game Warden for adding a split ring to a fly on Fishing Only waters. The Fly Fishing Only Waters I know of and have fished are on brookie and salmon waters. I do not see the need to have a split ring on my flies in these waters. Now I will add just a bit more. I can differently see the advantage of this on bass and pike waters or trolling flies. Although I am curious as to the effect a ring would have on a trolling fly.


    Just my thoughts.



  4. Opened mine last night. Dido on the kudos for this swap. I am excited to see what the bass will do with these. Great looking group of flies.

    As far as being sick of winter... I cut a hole in the ice earlier this week. We still have 16 inches of blue ice, plus 18 inches of snow, on that pond. I'm thinking I'm a little bit away from casting into that water. April first will come and go with no expectation of wetting a line.


  5. I was looking at how many of us have read Steven King. I too have read many of his books. I also live within 15 miles of his house in Bangor Maine. Large house with a custom wrought iron fence in the front. The fence has bats, dragons and spiders on it. Pretty cool.



  6. I, unlike the rest of you, have the attention span of a Cocker Spaniel. So epic novels and I don't always get along.

    A couple of writers I have got into these past years are Arthur Macdougall. He writes the Dud Dean series. I was given one for my 14th birthday that was signed by Mr. Macdougall. I have been looking in the used book store for years to find more. The other is Patrick McManus. Another writer that I find on occasion in the used book stores.



  7. Thanks Mikechell,


    Looks like we're getting between 2 and 3 feet when all is said and done. Now that being said is also looks like it is going to be the fluffy kind. Should be easy to move around. My daughter just informed me that they have already calls off school tomorrow. Thinking the fireplace will get a workout.



  8. All set. The "Foxy Bou-roo" looks good. Tail of white marabou with an over lay of Red Fox Tail rootbeer flash with an under wing of kangaroo and an over wing of olive/green bucktail. size 4 and lead eyes.


    The Roo is silky soft and seems to look good in water. However it is not very long. I didn't cut much after it was on the hook.


    Hope everyone catches something huge on it... or anything that swims will work too.


    Look forward to an address.



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