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  1. Price, quality, stability, and accessories are my main concerns. Any help you can give me is much appreciated, especially if you have used both vises.


    Price - well the Renzetti Traveler is $164.95 (list) and the Peak is $149.99. The price so close it's a hard call. The Renzetti Traveler has a cam action jaw and the Peak a collet style jaw. The Renzetti cam rides on ball-bearings and the Peak collet is a hard surface to hard surface compression. The Renzetti Traveler holds hooks up to size 4/0 the Peak up to 2/0 (per spec page for each company) and both will go down to really small hook sizes (Renzetti list the small end as size 28, Peak says the jaws close completely so they can hold even the smallest wire - Renzetti jaws close completely)


    Stability - get a C-clamp if you want stability. To get real stability with a pedestal you need one so heavy you wouldn't want to move it. However, with that said there are a lot of advantages to a pedestal base. I've found it isn't the weight of the base that makes a pedestal vise seem stable - it's learning to work with the pedestal base that makes it seem stable. The biggest thing is to always rotate the jaws so that you are always pulling down with you apply thread tension. If you need to pull tightly when mounting something on the size of the hook - use your rotary feature - rotate the side to the top and pull down.


    Accessories - If you decide to do Tube Flies the HMH rig will work with either vise. Both have Tube Fly heads, midge jaws or saltwater jaws available. The Renzetti has an optional head designed while working with Bob Clouser specifically for tying that fly.


    Take a look at Renzetti's YouTube page. They have a number of Traveler Videos up there showing adjustments and conversions. The link is http://www.youtube.com/user/renzettiinc


    I didn't see a Peak Channel on YouTube but there are Peak videos up there. On their site Peak has links to people tying with their vise. Their page with the videos is at http://peakfishing.com/On-LineVideos.html



    Both will hold a hook well without slipping (I've tied on both and can say that firsthand) and give you years of service. I've been a Renzetti fan since I bought my first Renzetti vise around 1980 (still using it) and haven't found any reason to change. If it were my money I'd pay the extra $15.00 and buy the Renzetti Traveler for the extra hook range and the ball-bearing riding cam action jaw.



    Is this you?

  2. I am going to agree with the above comments. I too was in the market 5 years ago and ended up purchasing a Peak. To me, it felt stronger and it felt as though it would hold a hook better ( I know others will tell me they have no problem with hook slippage on their Renzetti. It is what I felt at the time).

    Although these are not a necessity, I ended up purchasing all three jaws. I find it easier to tie 18's and smaller on the midge jaws. However, it is much better to tie 1's and larger on the saltwater jaws. Especially on stainless hooks.

    The only two accessory I would recommend, first would be the brass screw kit because it holds the head in place better than the derlyn screw and the fact that it looks a hole lot better. Second would be the C-clamp base. If you are tying big flies, especially when spinning deer hair, this is an incredibly strong base. It will not allow the vise to go anywhere. One thing I found interesting about the C-clamp base was how much variance in thickness of a table it will fit. I have used it on picnic tables while camping and I have used it on my desk at work. My desk at work has a 5/8" top.


    Good luck in you decision process.




    p.s. I had an issue with the brass riser not fitting correctly. I called Peak and they told me to send it back and they would take care of it. I was completely, unequivocally hassle free. They were great.

  3. Snow storms are one thing I really don't miss, I've been living in the south now for 25 years and don't regret a minute of it(well maybe). The summers may be a bit brutal at times, but I really hate the cold, I think my blood thinned quite a bit from living in Las Vegas for 14 years. I don't know how I survived those Nebraska winters with -30 wind chills, if it gets below 32 I get to move my appointments back until it get warmer, hands, water and wind don't work well for me. I don't know how you guys deal with that kind of cold and enjoy it. My flies will be in the mail on Monday. Blane


    Man Michael, where you from? I know there is a lot of weather hitting the east right now and this has sure been a nasty winter around the country, even around the world for that matter. The earth spins on and we just have to do our best to cope what she throws at us. I do know after watching a lot of the snow and ice and crashed cars on the News and the Weather Channel I have no complaints about my choice to move to west central OK after retiring a couple of years ago. A lot of things I miss but winter storms aren't one of them. When unseasonably cold here is 20 degrees I can handle that.


    Hi guys,


    I live in the middle of Maine where the men are men, the women are men and the sheep are just paranoid. Just joking. I mean disrespect toward sheep. This year, as with a lot of the nation, has been colder than normal. We have broken 3 record lows since the beginning of December. Someone said to me, "there goes the theory of global warming!"


    Looking forward to April... I mean May, because that is usually can get to open water.



  4. Nate!!!

    You OK up there? I know it's been a bit cold and snowy on your end, so I thought I'd check in to make sure you are there.


    We lost power on 12-23 around noon. Tuesday morning I drained the water from the house, packed the family and headed 4 hours south to be with family for the holidays. I was told we didn't get it back untill Sat the 28th. When my alarm went off this morn., the announcer said it was -15 without windchill. Felt good to step out and not be able to breath for a couple of minutes. Reminds you that your alive.



  5. I am an avid duck hunter that have had squids before. I do not believe that I have had one from moisture and that includes days of heavy rain, snow, and gun being mistakenly put underwater (three times so far). All of the squibs I have had have come from older shells and one year I thought it would be a good idea to put WD40 on the brass to prevent rusting. That, I have learned, is a really bad idea. There is nothing more frustrating than having 25 geese 20 yards in front of you and having a squid.


    All of that being said I too agree with all the answers above. You probably received a bad shell. Clean the gun, inspect it, go hunting again... repeat!



  6. True story,


    My family and I coming home from Christmas in another snow storm. Everything is in the back of my open pickup. We are in a pub/restaurant having dinner and my wife asks "do we need to check your bag to make sure it is watertight?" My natural response was "I don't think that is something we should be discussing in front of the Girls."

    Our two daughters, 15 & 18, almost spit out their food from laughter. It took a good 15 minutes to regain their composure. Even the waitress came over to make sure everything was OK.

    My wife didn't think it was as funny.


    Got to love the funny parts of the Holidays!



  7. I was in LL Bean this week. They have the HMH Solstice vice on sale for $39.99. This vise was made for LL Bean as an entry level vise. I was shocked at the quality for an entry level vise. All the quality of any HMH vise at a great deal. I don't see it on their web site so you may have to order through the store.



  8. Good morning Kevin,


    I have finished and just need your address. I ended up tying some salt water and some fresh water. Hoping that was OK with everyone. Same size fly but with stainless hooks on half of them.


    I have had this fly work on Stripers, Blue fish, Large mouth, Small mouth, Pike and Pickerel. Curious to see what else it will work on.



  9. I agree that this is an epic question. I also agree with a number of people that say they would or have taken lessons, purchased less/more and better tools, and keep a razor handy.


    The one thing I would ad though is to talk to everyone that even smell like they tie flies. Then ask them to get together and show you how to tie their favorite fly. I have found some of my biggest learning curves are greatly changed by having someone show me something different. Classic steamers and nymphs are a prime example.


    I want to sent a kudos to Flytire, he is absolutely correct, it is up to the fish to tell us if a fly is good or not. Some of my ugliest flies have caught the most fish.


    Best of luck tying,



  10. After seeing all the amazing hair work on here recently I decided to give the punk rocker a go. All the feathers are ringneck pheasant.



    Good evening Mike,

    I have a question for you about this fly. I've been asked to tie something like this and I'm having a difficult time getting the feathers to stay in place. How are you putting them on?



  11. I will be tying a #12 Turkey Tail Nymph: Turkey Tail body, Black Duck Tail and legs, Groundhog thorax and Mallard Wing wing case. The copper ribbing was harvested from some demolition I did.



    My daughters wanted to help name this fly. They wanted something that reflected the holidays this time of year.


    So we have called it the "Tur-Duck-Hog". For everyone that has ever had a meal with Tur-Duck-Kin will understand.


    They are toe tagged and will be in the mail by Friday.



  12. That and I have too many boats now. It would not be an easy sell with the wife.


    Michael ...


    Better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission...I've been told the same thing more then once when I drag a new one home. Need a bigger backyard.

    I was down to 10; 4 cedar strip kayaks, 1 wood canvas canoe, 2 wood glassed canoes, 1 wood canvas square sterns, and 1 aluminium boat. A month ago I was given a square stern "White" canvas boat. The wood is in mint condition but the canvas needs to be replaced. I couldn't pass that up. My biggest problem is storage now.



  13. Thanks Kudu.


    I think the Gadwall may be a treasure trove of feathers. Better than a Woody. Not a showy duck but great breast, flank and wing feathers.


    essequamvideri is duck hunting done in Maine? I sold my canoe years ago and went to kayaks. I got tired of throwing an aluminum canoe on the roof of the vehicle alone.



    Duck hunting has been fast and furious this year. The state has three zones, and I live at the line of the north and south zones. The coastal zone is with in 35 minutes of me. It is awesome. The waters froze us this past week and moved the ducks to the moving waters. Unfortunately, it ended a lot sooner for me this year.

    I have thought about going to a kayak. Acually I have thinking about it for years. I have a 12 foot wooden canoe that I camoed. Extremely quiet and paddles well. the only bad thing is I usually tear a few holes in the bottom every year from paddling the swamps. On top of that, I usually have someone else with me and that is one of the reasons I haven't gone to a kayak yet. That and I have too many boats now. It would not be an easy sell with the wife.



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