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  1. All the waterfowl kept their eyes closed except for one. He was a Peking Duck.
  2. Just my opinion, I do not care to skin them. I take the primary wing feathers, the flank feathers, the breast feathers and the CDC feathers. I also find that zip lock bags store better for me. Again this is just my opinion and I'm sticking to it. :-D Michael
  3. Woodenu2, I am seeing that many people have chimed in on the leftie rightie debate. However, are you also asking what to purchase for a new vise? Because this will have many answers from many different folks. Michael
  4. This is beautiful!!! I'm see she is a keeper. Congrats on your wedding day. Michael
  5. OK I've decided on a Lefty Kreh Cockroach. Michael
  6. Bear Claw, OK everyone has covered the biots. I want to know what you did with the rest of the goose. How do you like to cook it? Canada Goose is one of my favorite meats. I am always looking for something new to try. Michael
  7. SilverCreek, Sweet!!! Thank you for the info. I have many Ruffed Grouse, aka Partridge, in my area. I have been trying to use the feather for soft hackle flies with very little success, because the feathers are too big. This was a huge amount of help. Michael
  8. When you HAVE to tie a fly as foreplay to sex. This is reminding me of George Castanza. All you need is a good sandwich, a fly tying vice and sex and you would have the life time trifecta! Michael p.s. thank you for resurrecting this thread. I have waisted the better part of my work day reading this thread from start to finish.
  9. Oh man, what happened? On my end it's the best it can be considering the circumstances. We moved to Cleveland so I'm having to travel alot to hunt which is draining. The dog is doing as well as I could have ever hoped. She's even learned to look back at me with a disproving stare when I miss. Everyone is shocked to learn she is a hunting dog, as down here the golden doodle is the hip dog to have for the townies. Maybe next time I'd avoid a white one, but a few minutes in the marsh and she's basically camouflaged herself anyways. You can do fun things with your engagement announcement with her force-fetching ability too... PA280352.JPG This is funny. I have the day off and sitting tying some flies. Thought I'd look up how many we need to tie for this swap. Cleveland? What kind of hunting and fishing is there in Cleveland? Oh, hold on, that must be why you added the traveling and being tired. Glad to see the pup doing well in the blind. There is nothing better than an attentive blonde that is willing to roll around in the mud to please you. Huge congrats on your engagement! There no greater gift from God than the institute of Marriage. I will be tying a #12 Turkey Tail Nymph: Turkey Tail body, Black Duck Tail and legs, Groundhog thorax and Mallard Wing wing case. The copper ribbing was harvested from some demolition I did. Michael
  10. I'm in for this. I'll need to decide. Michael
  11. I'm definitely in. I just ended my duck season due to injury. Crap!!! It was a stellar year so far. Even had one banded duck so far this year. I really want to get out and try for a couple of geese before the end of the season. Maybe a prince nymph with Canada Goose biots and a patridge collar? I was also thinking somthing with turkey. I have a turkey tail nymph that works well for me. Although I could do some classic Light Cahills in wet or dry. Have plenty of Woodies. I do have some Moose mane that would make an interesting mosquito or the hocks that I'd like to try a caddis with. Not sure yet. Nate how is your duck season going thus far? Do I remember correctly you have a newer dog this year? Michael
  12. I'd be up for it. Are you looking for fresh water or salt water? Michael
  13. Steve, Massive Congrats!!! Michael
  14. Great question, Even though it was a couple too many years ago, I remember it perfectly. I had been stealing/useing my brothers tying kit that he received for a christmas gift. Now in my defense, he never use it once. A friend showed me how to tie a blue damsel fly. I caught a nice fat brook trout from Cold Stream in Parlin Pond Township Maine. Michael
  15. Isn't amazing how many of these stories start in Walmart? This one does too. Standing in the check out line, the person in front of me, mostly unattractive and dressed in a over sized hoodie. Spoke with a higher pitched smokers voice and mostly unattractive. Did I mention that before? Sorry. As they left and I stepped up, the cashier, a teenaged man, said,"OMG. Was that a man or a woman?" I couldn't help myself and responded "Yes". He just looked at me, blinking, and asked again with a bit more effort, "No, I mean was that a man or a woman?" Again feeling a bit funny, I said, "You are absolutely correct". He didn't even bid me a good day or nothin' when I left. A couple weeks ago I went to the emergency room. There was a sign that said "Please wait here for the next available attendant". 15 feet away is the dest and another sign that says "Please ring bell for next available attendant". When the lady asked if she could help me I said "If I need to waite here for someone, but I need to ring that bell there, I would really need some long arms wouldn't I?" She said I was the first person in 22 years that had actually read both of those signs. Michael
  16. Keep in mind "there are no funny clowns after midnight" Michael
  17. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a bucket list of places to fish. Mikechell, I'm not sure there is any more water for you to fish. It appears you have found it already. Crachkaig, I really like the idea of fishing to the style of the area you are visiting. It keeps you open to learning new thing from new people. It also gives you an excuse to buy more materials to tie more flies. Can't think of a better reason than that. I will have to try that explanation on my wife. Michael
  18. That is the least expensive meat you can buy? Deer testicles!!! They're under a Buck!!!
  19. Where have you fished so far? What destination is on your bucket list? Me so far; Maine (my home waters) New Hampshire Mass. Rhode Island Tennessee Upsalquitch River in New Brunswick Canada (Trip of a life time, thank you John!) Bucket list; Idaho Key West Florida Washington State UP Michigan any where in the gulf I can chase Reds Alaska Cayman Brac
  20. Kudu, I'd be up for a hunters swap. Lots of ideas flowing as to what to do. Michael
  21. I am saying this as an owner and true believer in TFO. They are great rods. I have a couple and find them hard to beat, especially for the price. With that said, I have a couple of friends that have Echo rods and have the same results as I have. They love them and they catch as many fish as I do. I do have the same question as Ditz2, "why a 10wt and not a 9wt? I have an 8wt that has caught Blue fish in the 10lbs class, Striped Bass in the same class, and a couple of 15 lbs Atlantic Slamon. I can't imagine what you would be chasing that you will need a 10wt, what ever it is, I want to fish with you. Besides I find a 10wt is really tough on the body after casting it for a couple of hours. Michael
  22. I love it when an idea for a new fly works out! Huge comgrats on a great day of fishing. I just got off the water chasing White Pearch. They were rising every where around me. All it took was to cast ahead of the school. It was awesome. Michael
  23. T-Ball, I have a Peak vise with the Magnum/Saltwater Jaws. I have tied 4/0 stainless on it with room to spare. I do not know if it will hold an 8/0. I'd suggest calling Peak to see if it would work for you. That's my two cents. Michael
  24. Kyle, Thank you for giveaway. I like the idea of it. I took the time and looked through your site. Great job. I like the layout and the content. I especially like the tying videos. They are great and have given me somemore ideas. I especially like the Hammer Creek Pearl. I have no doubt these will be in my box soon. Thank's again. Michael R. Earle
  25. Blane, I'd be up for either of #1 or #3. I like the idea of the Fly Tyer mag. tying. I have some older mags. that would be a lot of fun to look through. I have been tying some Goddards Caddis that are coming out nice. Count me in on either. Michael
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