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  1. WOW!!! That is a huge question. I'll take a stab at it though. Really enjoy spinning and stacking deer hair. It allows the creativity to be let loose. I know, I know, that isn't "A" fly. But that's my answer and I'm sticking to it. Michael
  2. HOARDER!!! I resemble that remark. However I've never met a fly tier that wasn't a hoarder. I still don't understand how my wife can freak out when I stop to pick up road kill. Especially after all the year we have been together. Michael
  3. Good afternoon Cream, Wow! Incredable spinning and stacking. I do have a question about your tying techniques. What are you using for a packer? I have a brassie that works well, however I am looking for something that will give me a tighter fly. Question 2 is about fishing a looser or a tighter packed hair fly. Do you find a differance if the hair is not as tight? I have read a couple of articals about it, however I am not seeing any difference. Thanks for the photos. Michael
  4. I'm glad I read all the way to the bottom of this thread--I've been buying Mustad 3366 hooks from FeatherCraft at $4.95 per 50 and thinking that was a good price. Come to find out J. Stockard has them for the same price, but for a 100-pack. That's a no-brainer. Thanks for the tip essequamvideri. Bryan, Glad I could pass on the info. I have purchased from them before. They are a good company to do business with. Keep in mind to call them, instead of ordering on line, because you can ask about any discount and deals they may have going at the time. Michael
  5. Good morning Craig, Reading this thread. I use Mustad #3366 for most of my crease flies. J. Stockard still has them in stock, however they only go down to a size #4. They are only $5.25 per 100 pack. That said, they also have the kink shank #33903 from a 2-8 size. They are only 8.95 per 100 pack. I'm not sure if the #3366 in a size 4 has a shorter shank than the size 8 kink shank #33903. Michael
  6. I am planning a couple of trips to a pond that hold some large smallies and even bigger large mouths. I'm planning to try it on that pond after dark. We have had some luck painting a jitterbug with glow paint. So I'm thinking this should work. Have fun with them. Michael
  7. Bugger!!! I like the idea of this swap. Keep me in touch if there is a cancelation. Michael
  8. Good afternoon Vic, I'm in if there is room left. Michael
  9. Good Morning Mr. Hooks, Wow. If possible I'd like second chance when you deside to "upgrade". I truely appreciate the addition of the red cedar to protect your tying materials. The Cocabola is stunning. It adds an eye appeal that isn't normally found in tying desk. The jointery on you door frames are perfect. Quite impressive. Kudos on the stone find. I'm not sure I would have able to contain myself enough to purchase that piece. I'm sure they would have seen me coming through the door and added many 00's to the price. If I may add just one small critique, it would be the addition of piano hinges to replace what you have on the doors. Strictly my opinion, I believe it would ad a classic touch to a well designed piece. Thank you for sharing. Michael
  10. I have had a lot of success with Bead Head Zug Bugs and Bead Head Prince Nymphs. I usually carry them in the larger 8's and 10's. I have been on many river where I have taken smallies on these flies. They are my two go to flies for searching new waters.
  11. Funny thing happened the other day. I was in my shop hand planing a paddle I'm making. I reached over and grabbed the Top Coat and sprayed my plane to make it glide easier. Imagine my suprise on the third push when it hitched up and stuck the the paddle. I pulled it off and looked at everything stuck the the bottom of the plane. I reached over and looked at the can and to my suprise... it was 3M 77. The two cans are the same size and have the same color printing. Oops. Michael
  12. Mine arrived and as usual it is just like Christmas morning. These flies are going to be used later this summer on the late evenings chasing crappie and white perch. crackleback, I really appreciate the hair stacking. I an working on my stacking and will look forward to doing an equal job someday. Christopher, I am especially looking forward to using your balsa popper. I suspect it will like a cork... ;-D I'm planning on catching many smallies this summer with it. Last question, Nate, what the hell is that frog made of and how did you make it? My daughter is bugging me to make some of these into earrings for her. gpd4, Thank you for hosting this one. Glad to see you made it back form you trip unscathed. I realized I'd didn't toe tag mine either. If anyone has success with them, please let me know. I'll be using mine to chase stripers later this fall. Michael
  13. Fished with a good friend yesterday and had this exact conversation. So far freshwater; crappie yellow perch white perch pumpkin seeds painted turtle (just happened yesterday) pickerel northern pike lake white fish fall fish (new to me this year... great story) Large mouth small mouth brook trout brown trout land lock salmon And last but not least... a fresh water mussel whit out any fly on. Salt water; stripped bass blue fish atlantic salmon So thats 16 so far... plus a turtle and one mussel Fish I want to chase; blueback trout rainbow trout would love to try my hand at; bone fish reddrum
  14. Good evening Tim, These come from a company "Universal Vise Corp." in Westfield Mass. Unfortunately they are no longer in business. At least according to what I have on line. However the last time I purchased some of these t was from Eddie's Flies & Tackle in Bangor, ME | 303 Broadway, Bangor, ME. There #207-947-1648. It has been awhile since I have purchased any of these. I just looked at the tags on my packages and the last time I bought them was in 1998. Good luck, Michael
  15. I must admit, this is the most amazing vise I have seen. The detail in the damascus is astounding. I have come to the conclusion that some thing in life are worth ever penny when there is this much detail and workmanship in something that brings you pleasure every time you use it. So kudos to you silvercreek. Michael
  16. Husband and wife are on their porch, rocking and watching the traffic go by. Suddenly the wife reaches over and slaps the husband up side the head. He shakes it off, slowly truns and asks "What was that for?" She replies "that's for 30 years of bad sex." A few mins. later he leans over and smacks her up side the head. She looks at him sharply and asked "What was that for?!" He replies "That's for knowing the difference!"
  17. I would have no problem with donating my extras. Michael
  18. Travis this is a great idea. I'd like to see pictures of the flies before you mail them out. Michael
  19. Good evening All, I have a couple of flies that have proven (at least to me anyway) to catch smallies. The first is the Double XL Bomber. (Pick attached) The schlappen really comes alive in water. The second is the Lithuanian Bat. This is an great sub-surface if you tie it in many different colors. Dark on dark days and light on light days. Hope this helps. Michael
  20. Psych!!! Glad they made it! Michael
  21. Good afternoon GPD4, Flies are now in the mail. I am getting excited for the new fly ideas. Thank you for doing this popper swap.
  22. Good evening gpd4, Putting the final coat on the week. All I need is an address and they will be in the mail first of next week. Michael
  23. Got mine today!!! I felt like a 6 year old on Christmas morning at 4:00 am jumping up and down on my parents bed screaming "SANTA CAME! SANTA CAME!" I am so impressed with all of these flies. I am excited to find some water to fish them. Our fishing season opened today here in Maine. Now all I need is some open water. Thank you to everyone involved. This was my first swap and I am looking forward to more. I hope that everyone has the same success that I have with the Double XL Bomber. Michael
  24. Good evening Fish For Life. A couple of years ago I purchased an Albright GPX real for my 5wt. It was on sale for $99.99. When I opened it I was some what impressed with the feel and the quality of their product. However it wasn't until I had the chance to put it to use on some larger fish that I realized the truth behind this real. It can handle anything I have put it through so far. I was so impressed that I purchased one for an 8wt for my saltwater rod. I have been landing 7 and 8 lb bluefish with this reel. Well, that's my two cents. Michael
  25. One of the best flies I have found for Smallies, The Cockroach. An old salt water pattern, however it is killer on Bass. I tye it more of a clouser style rather than a tarpon style.
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