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  1. I am still learning to attach pictures to files. Sorry about that. This is the Double XL Bomber. Michael
  2. Wow, it took a while to pick this thread up again, but I'll add to it. I have two go to flies. Double XL Bomber. The Schlappen really comes alive then it hits the water. Strip it or let it sit. See what they want that day. file://localhost/Users/Daddy/Desktop/DSCN1625.JPG My second fly is a Lithuanian Bat. Very simple tie and very productive. I found this at FlyFishOhio.com
  3. I'm not sure if I am too late to join in on this thread. I fish with a gentleman in R. I. that has a wetsuit. He is 6'10" and goes out as far as he can to make himself boyant. Then he starts to fish. That puts him 40 to 50 feet further than anyone else in waders. I have seen him swim to the end of jetties to get out of the pounding the top is taking. He claims that he can fish as long as the fish are there, even as the air temp. and water temp. start dropping. One of the biggest factors you will NEED to take into account is dehydration. In either suit you choose you will burn off more liquids than you think. Especially in colder temps. Best of luck with your choise. Michael
  4. Terje, I will be tying up some of these, soon. I can also see how these would make a great damsel fly if the tail were extended a bit. Again, thank you for sharing such a fantastic pattern, Now all we need, up here, is some open water, and April 1st. Sincerely, Michael R. Earle
  5. Terje, Dido to all the comments above. I Like the idea that they are fishing flies, not just fisherman flies. I do have a question, what size are you tying?
  6. Hey Christopher, We do a lot of ice fishing up here. However, with all this tying and work ... well there is always time to fish. Michael
  7. I was curious where it was looking like spring. We still have 18 inches of ice on the pond across from me. It will be awhile before we see spring.
  8. I'm in. Glow in the dark Crease Fly
  9. Last time I had crab, my wife gave me a pound of crab meet for my birthday. I made a few sandwiches and learned I have a massive allergy to crab. I ballooned like a ... well ... a balloon. It was an interesting evening. I really miss it though.
  10. Hello Evan, I read that something ate you that you didn't agree with. Maybe I have that backward. I do hope you are feeling better. Michael
  11. Looks fantastic. I have no doubt it is going to catch fish this year. Adding just a bit to this one. I too have tyed something like this. Last year I had some with me while fishing a beaver flowage for brookies. As the sun set, they wouldn't leave it alone. Between my brother and I, we, and the trout, distroyed 6 apiece in just an hour and a half. We were giggling like we were teenagers again.
  12. Just my two cents. I too was looking fo a new vise two years ago. I did get to many fly shops and tyed with all of the above that have been discussed. I ended up with a Peak and have not looked back. I did however purchace the three jaws and have been glad I did. The mag jaws keep the hook in place while tying saltwateter flyes and spinning deer hair bass bugs. I have broken a couple of hooks while packing deer hair. The hook didn't move in the jaws, but the bend broke. I love the midge jaws on 14 and smaller flies. It gives me plenty of room to work material into the bent of a scud hook or dryflies like a renegade. Then the standard jaws will do everything you could ask for. I was tying on a pedestal base before and ended up getting the clamp base this time. There was one trip I could have used the pedestal base, but I think I'll just pick one up this year. All of the talk about the Peak clamp base is true. You can press barrings with it. It will hold on picknic table and every desk I have been at so far. Good luck with you purchase.
  13. Good afternoon Evan, Flies are in the mail. Michael
  14. Good afternoon Evan, They are tyed and ready to mail. Just need to toe tag them. Michael
  15. Good evening Evan, A few of questions. How do we mail these and where do we mail them too? Are you looking for pictures before we mail them? Do we ad a receipt for our flies? Michael
  16. I'm in. This is a first for me. I will be tying a Double XL Bomber in chartreuse.
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