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  1. Steeldrifter,

    This past week has been a $hit show of sleep.  Too much woodworking and too much yard work to do.  However, a ray of light came yesterday.  I had a consult with a hand surgeon.  Over a 45 min. meeting (due to my questions) I elected to have steroid injections in both hands and waiting on a call to schedule surgery.  Last night I actually slept pain free.  I thing my body has gotten used to the tossing and turning during the night, so I did some of that.  However, it was pain free.  

    I really do hope you can find a path to relief from you tinnitus.


  2. Bryon,

    Ditto from me.  These are amazing!  These are definitely ideas to strive for in my up coming builds.  I did notice that you went with the measure net on one of them.  That is a nice addition.  Thanks for sharing and really glad to see you back.



  3. FliesbyNight,

    Great find and EPIC editions to the dest.  Impressive drawers and additions to the cubbies in the top.

    How long did it take to figure out and make the finger joints on the drawers?

    Wait a cotton picker minute... Is that a drill chuck mounted to the desk to fit you vise?


  4. Baron,

    If I may ad some ideas to your upcoming adventures into this new tying stage.  A few flies I have found work well for pickerel, Mickey Finn does well, Deceiver tied on a longer shank hook because  pickerel tend to hit the middle/rear of bait fish then circle back to finish it, and the Clouser Minnow.  The Clouser for pan fish tied smallish on jig hooks are fantastic.  Yellow, Chartreuse, Orange, Red, depending on what colors they like in your area.

    As for the Barnes Special and using hackle pilers to tie in the collar,  personally I would not use them for this application (I'm sure this may draw some response).  I find that until I get into dry fly tying I do not use hackle pliers.  Personally I would spend my money elsewhere.  Just my opinion.



  5. Steeldrifter my sleepless friend.  I hear you loud and clear over the ringing in your ears.  Since last fall I have been struggling with sleeplessness due to an overactive carpal tunnel in both hands.  I've been able to sleep for 2-3 hours at a time and some nights I consider it good to get that much sleep.  I wake with them throbbing then I'll be up for hours before they stop enough to try to go to sleep again.  The toughest part of this is keeping my sanity AND not taking it out on those around me. 

    I truely wished I had a possible remedy to offer. I to am trying to find an answer.


  6. Great looking bench Mike.  Really like the extension for the vise.  

    Perhaps I missed it earlier in the thread, what did you use for wood on the bench top and how did you join all the boards? i.e. glue, biscuits, through bolt, Kreg pocket screws, dowels?


  7. 2 hours ago, Toothy said:

    Stalcup's Parachute CDC Emerger in Blue Wing Olive

    Saw a few Baetis hatching on the river one a warm afternoon last week.  No fish interested in them yet, but it is close! This hackle-stacker-esque pattern gives a wonderful profile on the water.  




    Hook: Firehole 316 BL Size 18

    Tail: Bronze Mallard

    Shuck: Mixed EP Trigger Fibers (black, tan, gray)

    Abdomen: Canada goose biot in brown olive

    Hackle: Whiting Speckled Medium Dun.

    Thorax: TroutHunter Professional Dry Fly Dubbing in Dark Honey

    Wing: TroutHunter Dark Dun CDC

    Thread: Semperfli 18/0 Nano Silk in brown


    - Nathan


    Wow, that is sweet. 


  8. 15 hours ago, Moshup said:

    @Sandan Good looking flies.  Shoulder is coming along as is spring.  PT hurts but as

    they say “No pain. No gain”

    Congrats on the repairs.  I had it done last year and I'm glad I did it.  At PT I never said no to anything they asked me to do until that faithful day my PT assistant said "we're going to do something new today."  She then turns her back to me, and I swear she put her hand behind her back and scratched the back of her neck.  She turned back around and says "OK, ready?"  I said "no,  I'm not doing that.  Even when I was you age I couldn't do that, I doubt I can do that now".  She laughed...  I did give it a solid try though.


  9. 1 hour ago, Bryon Anderson said:

    Thanks Michael, I appreciate that. :) Have you made any more nets since your first one? Would love to see them if you have! 

    I have not had the opportunity to get back to the nets.  I've making things round as of late.  Biscuit cutters, Ravioli rolling pins, Rolling pins and Mini/Childs rolling pins.  I'm just putting the finish on an epic bowl.  I have had a Crotched Burled Cherry stump in my shop for more than 10 years.  It has been so long even the worms started to get into it and it has some spalting starting.  Decided to cut it up and make a bowl.  It came out... WOW!  I'm so pleased that it held together.  I'll send some pictures when it's done.  

    Next I have some orders for Wine glasses, Cribbage boards and a Chess board.  Then I'll be able to get to the nets.


  10. Making sawdust in the shop yesterday, had a couple of mosquitoes buzzing about my head.  It was 22 degrees outside and there is 15-18" of ice on the pond.  I know this whole "Climate Change" is an ongoing discussion, but mosquitoes in February is a bit odd.



  11. 6 hours ago, Steeldrifter said:

    Nice work. And that looks like more than a "couple" 😁

    They are 37" in length, I only need 4.25" to make one and there are 200 in the rack....  I'm too tired to do the math.  These will give something to do for a while.


  12. 5 hours ago, skeet3t said:

    Where did you get the bat blanks? FWIW, anytime you are in the Louisville, KY area, it is well worth the trip to Hillerich & Bradsbury plant where they make the Louisville Slugger bats. If you order a bat, do it before the tour so it will be ready or at least minimal waiting time. They have a museum with all kinds of bats. Plus you can get a photo with a bat used by a major league star. Mine were Mickey Mantle and Ronald Acuna, Jr.

    All bats are made by CNC equipment but there is a fellow who turns a bat on a lathe like the olden days.

    I think it wood be a great trip (pun intended).  We have a couple bat companies with in a drive here in Maine.  One of them, sometimes will have Birdseye and Curly Maple.  I've even heard tell of the occasional Flaming Birch.  These came to me in the form of a trade for time vs. stock.  I thought it was a great trade as did the other involved.  I tried to convince him that we had agreed to throw in a few hundred feet of Yellow Heart.  He didn't remember that part of the conversation.  However he did throw in approx. 20sq/ft of Brazilian Cherry flooring.


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