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  1. Ah yes. I agree with you it is gorgeous. Almost looks as though they added Turquoise to the epoxy. I have some woodworking friends that have done river tables, however I have not seen anyone do this on a net until now. Gives me an idea. I know where there is some crotched cherry that is checking. This might be something to do with that.
  2. Gluing the handle to the hoop. Take notice of the small blocks at the top and the bottom of the first picture. These are additional supports to get the hoop to press against the handle. I think next time I will glue the veneers and the handle all in one step. I can see how it would save a lot of time. Mikechell, I am going to see if I can get the hoop to blend into the handle so it looks appealing. Michael
  3. Now that is interesting. Something I had not thought of. Thanks for the idea. Michael
  4. Took the ring off the form and ran it through a drum sander. Looking good so far. Have nice piece of curly maple for the handle.
  5. With the encouragement of Bryon, and having the time, I have started my first net. I have started with an old door from a remodel. Then bolted some clamping blocks. I bolted them with the idea that I could mov e them in or out depending on the size of net I was building. From there I glued my veneers of Maple and Walnut. Added a few more clamps, now I'm waiting for the glue to dry. Michael
  6. Oh thank you. I'm still laughing. Michael
  7. Good morning Mr. Bryon, Looks like I am on my way to making a canoe net for myself. I've started the form and will try using 1x1 as anchor points with clothespin clamps between them to bring the veneers together. I'm thinking if I bolt the anchor points to the form I will be able to adjust them in or out to create different sized nets. (That's my thought). You had mentioned that you have a formula you like for the Weldwood? I'll be curious to work with this. A lot of my work in has been with canoes and kayaks in the past. Lately I have been doing in smaller works, i.e. travel mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses. I have become well acquainted with epoxies. In the future, if your find a need to work with epoxy again, especially as a finish or sealing coat, thin it with acetone. I find a 1-1 up to a 3-1 mix makes the epoxy very thin and will give you a much longer pot life. Unfortunately, also means a longer curing time. Looking forwards to you thoughts and inspiration. Michael
  8. Bryon, Epic. These are coming along exceptionally. I have been thinking of making a pair too. Curios, what did you use for a form? Did you run into any pitfalls I should be watching for? I am assuming you went with Tite Bond III or Epoxy for you glue up, however what did you use for finish? Michael
  9. Good evening All, Just something I tried after the second infestation in 40 years. I found closet liner in Aromatic Cedar in 3 foot planks. One box did the bottoms of every container I have and still have more than half the package left over. That was better than 10 years ago and have had no issues to date. Michael
  10. Wife and I went blue line fishing (find a thin blue line on the map, find said blue line and fish it). Did a bit of hiking and did find a couple of new spots of great fishing. On the way back we tried to find a faster route home. The map said to take a right and we did. What should have been an an hour and a half ride turned into a 3 and a half hour ride home. The other end had signs reading "NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES ALLOWED!!!". Turns out we were on the snowmobile trails. Sorry about that to anyone who is a snowmobiler. Interesting day though.
  11. May the sun shine on your shoulders and help with a fast recovery. Good to hear the procedure was a success. Michael
  12. Just finishing up a set of 4 shot glasses. Michael
  13. Vicente, The only vehicle that fit me better was a '85 Saab 900s. I could get in and drive until the tank was empty and never have to stop. Now I need a break every 50 miles-ish. Michael
  14. Like Vincente, I too have been a bit busy with other ideas. These are 2oz shot glasses Michael
  15. 1980 Honda Civic 1300DX. The only vehicle I've ever owned that had 12" tires. Oh yes, it was a clown car to my 6'2" frame. Only got it stuck once, on a sandbar picking up my windsurfer.
  16. The Iguana was very tasty. Not like chicken at all other than the texture was the same. Fun telling folks that I've now eaten Iguana, Mountain Lion, Deer, Moose, Goose, Duck , Brant, Ostrich, Alligator, Rabbit, Groundhog, Beaver, Mosquitoes and Black flies... I'm sure there are other things I'm missing on this list. Michael
  17. Epic trip to Grand Cayman Island! Hooked up with Randy Parchment at Chasing Tails Cayman. Great guy that has a long bloodline on the island. Saw lots of Bones and my daughter had the opportunity to catch one. I know I know, its not a fly rod. I had a take by a descent Barracuda, that was an extremely short fight. The other thing that was really cool was the meal of tree chicken. Michael
  18. Headed to Grand Cayman. Want to do one day of fishing. Two species catch my attention, Bonefish and Jack Crevalle, because I've never had a chance to chased them before. I'm looking for a guide and suggestions and any other ideas while we're there. I'll be there in two weeks. Thanks, Michael
  19. I raised my daughters on these types of videos. Just to show examples of what not to do. I've always found it easier to learn from someone else mistakes. Michael
  20. Thank you. They were fun and a challenge to make. My first lathe was an Auction buy for $80 with tools. Had it up until just a couple of months ago (16 yearsish). It did me well. Some times you best tool is the sanding tool. It will hide a tremendous amount. Michaael
  21. Nothing as of yet. I do try to keep the moisture content under 8% and I do seal them in epoxy before I spray finish them. That being said, I have had 2 travel mugs separate at the glue joints. Not sure what that was all about. Michael
  22. My latest turnings. Apple wood and Tiger Maple. I highly recommend turning Apple Wood. It is my second favorite to Lilac.
  23. Wings are glued in Thank you Bruce. I do appreciate the help. I have tried a couple of glues and have not had much success to this point. May I ask what you are using and how you are applying it? Have you had trouble with the wings not staying on. Last question, do you have much of an issue with the fly spinning while casting? Michael I don't throw them far,and fly wings get tore up quickly, pattern doesn't helicopter much, alittle. I use loctite super glue , ultra gel That is interesting. I'll give it a try. Michael
  24. Wings are glued in Thank you Bruce. I do appreciate the help. I have tried a couple of glues and have not had much success to this point. May I ask what you are using and how you are applying it? Have you had trouble with the wings not staying on. Last question, do you have much of an issue with the fly spinning while casting? Michael
  25. I do have a question about this pattern. I've always been curious how the wings, Mallard feathers, are attached to this fly? Michael
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