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  1. This is the very first Bowl I've made. It is from a Hemlock tree a friend took down. The other picture is of some hair sticks that my daughter requested. These are maple and cherry.
  2. Penzzz, I'm curious what the rest of the wood from the CBB looks like. Have you ever used anything other than the burls, turning or building? You said you had them stabilized, how was that done? On a complete side note, I have a few sticks from an old Smoke Bush. It is a bit soft but if has an amazing yellow and green opposing growth rings. Last week I turned a couple of hair sticks using Lilac. Was able to capture some of the purple streaks in them. It was amazing to turn and nicely fragrant to boot. Michael
  3. Penzzz, OK I have to ask. What are you using for a finish on that real seat? The detail in that piece of wood is amazing. Did you dye it or is that its natural color? Michael
  4. I was given a bunch of bunkbed parts. Actually they were going to through them out and I went dumpster diving. I had to try the end grain turning, it was just to interesting to pass it up.
  5. Nice work ! I've turned a few lidded box projects myself. I think a favorite from those who see them are mushrooms I turned from apple wood ( I have apple, locust, silver birch, white oak on my property in numbers that either shed branches in storms, get cut down etc). The mushroom cap lifts off. But I'm really getting into the niche of Christmas ornament turning. Besides the wood I have I'll look in the woods for downed trees or branches and get some poplar or maple. I have pine and cherry also in my basement... I turn no exotic woods, not when I have free wood drying right here. I also have turned candle sticks/holders from locust. May your tools be eternal sharp ! I like making acorns out of my scraps for Christmas ornaments using real acorn caps Those acorns are cool!
  6. The bowl is black locusts burl and the top was some wood from Cuba or some place like that, someone gave it to me so I used it. I got one more price I want to use for a real seat on a bamboo fly rod I’m trying to make. I like stuff you did that wine glass is cool, my wife will probably want me to make one lol The wine glass is an inside out turning. Concept is quite simple (youtube it). I purchased a wine glass from Wallie World (.99), cut the stem off and fit it to the top of the stem.. I used gel epoxy to attach it. I use some 5 min. Devcon epoxy, thinned 50/50 with Acetone. this works great to make it water resistant. Spray finish with Spar Urethane. Curious how the Black Locus was to turn. I've been told it is very hard. I'm looking for some to try. I have a few dozen near my house, unfortunately they are all healthy.
  7. Love the lidded bowl. Looks like a Maple burl? Great contrast on the finial, looks like walnut? I too enjoy turning. I find it a great artistic release for me. My wife seems to prefer I make a mess in my work shop rather than fly tying stuff all over the house. funny how that works. A couple of travel mugs I have done along with a wine glass. First mug is Norway Pine end grain with Walnut veneer for the crosses. The second is Apple wood from a tree across the street. The wine glass is Maple with Purple Heart veneer. This was fun. It was my first success doing this style of turning. The Heart shape on the stem is also done on the lathe. Michael
  8. I call them Civechi or Fish Tacos! Michael
  9. Looks like a couple of trips I made down the Saco River in Maine. At least through the foggy eyes I was working with. Michael
  10. I am in total agreement. I put the blame squarely on our generation that has been perpetuated through our school systems and organized sports. If we allowed other people to enforce rules of our society, and allow our children to go out and make up rules to game they make up in their neighborhoods, well maybe, just maybe, we might have another generation that would have values similar to our. Unfortunately, too many parents think it is not right for a teacher to teach our children what it is like to be a contributing member of society, and that there are consequences in life. God forbid that a teacher reprimands a child for actions that are unnecessary or unwelcome, because there would be a multitude of upper management that would be involved. And when did we get to the point where our children can be anything. I suspect neither of those young men (going through your tackle box) you would have wanted doing anything in an operating room, including moping up after an operation. Or perhaps I'm really glad they don't work as an engineer at some place like Boeing. Or better yet I'm glad they don't work at my bank. Then we send our children to these organized sports where you will get a trophy and ice cream if you show up to a couple of practices. Then some parents use this as a free babysitting service to do other things that want to do. And all hell is going to break loose if the coach speaks to their child in a ruff tone or, this is more than likely the case, little Johney tells mom that he didn't like the way the coach yelled at he. Because he wern't doin' nothin' wrong. "Well let me show you how to take care of this!" and off she goes with Johney in toe. The reality of the situation, Johney was out hitting other kids with a stick and the coach had to scream at him to get his attention. But Mama can't fathom her precious little Johney would do anything like that and informs the coach that he is wrong and it must have been someone else. Sorry I've gone on a rant also. My bad, but it feels good to get that off my chest. Michael
  11. Jeep registered -8 on the way to Church this morning. It is now -2. Michael
  12. Mikechell, I was actually speaking of the weather forecasters. bombastic [bom-bas-tik] adjective 1.(of speech, writing, etc.) high-sounding; high-flown; inflated; pretentious. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Michaael
  13. OK now I'm going to try to find a button and keep hitting it until something happens. This storm was truly a Bomb... "Bombastic" at the very most. Had that on my word of the day a while back and was trying to find a way to fit it in. NAILED IT! Michael
  14. Steeldrifter, I'm in your corner on this one. Also why did we change it to "Snow Showers" when they were always "Flurries"? Michael
  15. Week ago today, had a call from my tenants that the john was not flushing. When I got there it was -13 according to my Jeep. Radio said it was -16. Dug up the septic tank and found a large clog. Covered everything up and it was still -13 according to my Jeep. I've always said that I can dress to be comfortable when it's cold, however i can't legally undress enough when it's hot. Michael
  16. If you do make it to the West Branch, Shoot me an email, I'd be happy to take you to some remote ponds to fish for some native Brookies. Michael
  17. Good morning denduke, That is a tall order. There is a few miles (60-80) between the two fishing spots. For the East Branch I'd suggest to contact Debbie & Rick LeVasseur at www.5lakeslodge.com in Millinocket about lodging and fishing opportunities. Tell them Big Mike from Dorsey Furniture said Hi. For the West Branch, contact Ruth & Dan at Blair Hill Inn www.blairhill.com for lodging (Again tell then I said Hi) and Dan & Penny at https://maineguideflyshop.com/ for fishing info. Hope this helps you out. Look forward to having you visit our state. Michael
  18. I had one get parked on top of a ledge. We just waited for the next wave to drag it off and we were off and paddling again. There was a good scratch, It never broke through the glass however that winter I added a patch of glass and a new coat of finish and we are still paddling that one. Michael
  19. Mikechell, Thank you for the complement. I do appreciate it. Yes I did make this and some others. I only have 11 to my name so far. Too many smaller projects are getting in the way of finishing my 12th. When I'm in saltwater I do where a skirt, paddle float, stirrup and a tow belt. However I have not fished in open water as of yet. There is a ton of space in the cockpit to keep some of my gear and both front and rear I have bulkheads with access on top. As for putting anything under the bungees, it is all repairable. There is a sandwich of fiberglass on the outside and the inside. There is also 4 coats of Spar varnish on anything exposed to the sun. It will take a lot of abuse. Three years ago they were on my truck and someone thought it was easier to go behind my truck and drove away. Just a bit if damage to the kayak, however they nearly destroyed the new rack I had built 3 days prior. Oh well. It gave me some shop time that winter.
  20. Just one of the three I use as often as possible. Michael
  21. It truly amazes me, we as fishermen always grab the rustiest instrument we have to do our hook removal. Michael
  22. fshng2, Love the through back of the Medalist 1495 1/2 reel. I learned to fish with that on a Fenwick 8 1-/2 foot glass rod until I broke it, Took a huge woopin' from dad, then bought a Fenwick 9' blank and made my first rod. Still have that rod and the Medalist reel. That Picture brought back a flood of memories. Thank you. Michael
  23. Thank you Fletchfishes. You and I traded some duck feathers for some Roo. This stuff make an incredible Clouser in smaller sizes. The hair moves well in the water. Michael
  24. Floyd, I think we may be related. Michael
  25. Good evening Dave, I have had three so far. I had a YJ (1987-1995). I had a TJ (1997-2006) and I now have a a JK (2007-2017). The YJ (1988) was a 4 cylinder soft top. Really got the fever with this one. Had to left it go because I took a job traveling. Gas milage was making me broke. My JK (1999) was a 6 cylinder soft top and a hardtop. I made this into my project Jeep. Ended up selling this two months ago with 210000 mile on it. I had a Body Armor rack on it and went every where with a canoe on top. I also duck hunt as much as possible. My new one is a JK 2007. I suspect I will make this into a project it also. I have put a Body Armor rack on this one too. Everything I have owned so far has been a two door. First the bad. They all LEAK when it rains! If you purchase one and find it doesn't leak WAHOO!!!! My first one leaked where the steering column came through the fire wall. My second one leaked where the heater/fan was and the new one I just figured out and fixed it was leaking around the door frame. The biggest draw back/difficulty is the lack of interior room. However there is many Molle racks for the interior to help with it. As for driving them on the road, I have never had an issue traveling 65-70 down the interstate. The largest tires I have had on them was 31". When you test drive one you will find they feel very different from anything you have driven. The reason for this is because you are a mere 12" from sitting on top of the rear axel. Lastly, If I can add my two cents, It is very easy to get caught up in everything you can do to a Jeep to make it yours. I think the onIy other vehicle that has as many add ons, might be a Harley Davidson. I found my wife mentioning the budget quite often. I have told many people, "It is more fun to drive than legally should be allowed" Michael
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