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  1. Few years back I had started a sales job in Rhode Island. Came in one morning (April 1st) and was handed a lead from a customer I had spoken with a few days prior. Just imagine how funny I found it when Roger William's Park and Zoo answered the phone and I asked for "Ellie Fant". The very polite man on the other end said "I think someone has got you good this time." I had to agree with him and bid him a good day. I'm still laughing about it. Michael
  2. I want to retire to Las Vegas to become a weatherman. I can see it now... "Let's go over to Mike at the weather desk. Thanks Bob. It's going o be hot and sunny. Back to you Bob." How many time a year am I going to be wrong, 3? Michael
  3. Deck, One of two sites I look at is https://www.wunderground.com/. This is my go to for big water and http://www.weather.gov/ as a back up. What site are you working with? Michael
  4. I have this exact vise. I've had it since the mid '80's also. Purchased from L.L.Beans. Have tied thousands of flies on it. Keep it greased and you will have many years of use with it. Michael
  5. Good morning Salty, We are in for another Snowmageddon in Maine also. Yesterday I was out on a pond with my dog. Talked with a couple ice fishing and asked them how much ice was left. They said between 22" and 24" they cut through. I'm thinking we are going to have ice-out sometime in June. Good news, open water fishing starts April first, or when there is actually open water. Michael
  6. Thanks Kudu, I found a small difference between the canoes and the wine glasses, this wine glass I can make in an afternoon on a day off, the canoes take between 300 and 350 hours to get to the water. Michael
  7. If you want to try something a bit out off the ordinary, Give this a try. You might need to have the wood dried a bit though. Michael
  8. Saltydog, Now that's a winner!!! Again!!! Michael
  9. Bacon is the gateway drug of vegetarians Michael
  10. I started out as a closet tyer. Literally. One Christmas my brother was given a tying kit. It sat in his closet for a couple of years so I started out hiding in his closet tying from his kit. I was 13. So I've been at it for over 40 years. Michael
  11. Curious if anyone has tried bucktail or moose mane as body? Michael
  12. Spent WAY too much at Cabela's in Maine Tuesday. All tying material and some tying tools on sale for 30% off. Even had Rite bobbins on sale for under $18. Michael
  13. SWEET!!! Congrats on the purchase. Michael
  14. I have had the opportunity to play with an 870, and played with a Benelli Nova. Just my personal preference I liked the Nova because it fit me much better and had a great deal less felt recoil. The 870 was at a skeet range as was the Nova, however I did use the Nova in the field with 3 1/2" goose loads. I also felt the Nova had a more solid feel than the 870. I have not seen or had an opportunity to fire an 877 yet. I'm sure you have been looking a the reviews, what are the write ups so far? Good luck with you decision. I'm sure your new gun will kill well and last you for many years to come. Michael
  15. josephcsylviaI have found A gentleman in northern Maine that has an amazing shop. I have purchased some capes and other material over the years. I finally had an opportunity to visit his shop this fall, I was completely amazed at the quality and selection he has. He grows his own roosters, sheep, and even Jungle Cock. I found it rather interesting. One think that is a bit different, his internet is EXTREMELY slow because of where he lives. His preference is that folks call him. http://theriaultflies.com/aboutthefamilyfarm.html Hope this helps in you search. Michael
  16. I made a mistake the other day and went grocery shopping hungry. When I got home I realized that I am now the proud owner of isle 4! Michael
  17. The D.H.Russell Canadian Belt Knife. I have had one of these for 30 years. I've used on Moose, Bear, Beer, Geese, Ducks, Rabbits, Groundhog. I've tried to skin squirrel, but it is a bit big. They also make a Tout & Bird Knife. It is a bit smaller than the original. A good friend of mine has this one and loves it. That being said, my niece gave me an Old Timer Sharpfinger. This is reasonably priced and it holds a shaving edge. Michael
  18. Cockroach This was originally a tarpon fly and I do believe it was created by Lefty Kreh. I could be wrong on the origins. The tarpon fly is usually tied to the back of the hook near the bend. The shank is wrapped in thread. I tie it more in the common fly style. I tie to behind the eye. This keep the hook point further back in the fly. One issue I have found with this fly, the squirrel tail is quite slick. I have had many that the hair has pulled out. I now put a drop of super glue on the buts of the hair as I tie it in. This seems to help a lot. Michael
  19. Double XL Bomber Use Schlappen feathers for hackle Michael
  20. I got the mouse. One of my daughters wants it as an earring. Michael
  21. Christmas all over again!!! Great swap! Michael
  22. Curious question if I can, "Did you set the drill press table at an angle to drill you holes?" If you did not, have you found any issues with the rods staying on the pegs? Michael
  23. Double XL Bomber Cockroach Lithuanian Bat Actually the three I use the most. In this order. Michael
  24. WAY OFF SUBJECT..... Poopdeck, Is that a Stanley #60 double spoke shave in you picture? I looks like you were making a hammer handle. Sorry 'bout that, I have to agree with L.B. I just received a couple of these before my last swap. I really enjoyed how it felt in my hand. Only one thing I need to get used to is not using my little finger as a break and not to use it to roll up my thread. I keep loosening the tension knob doing that. As for being out of balance when I spin it, I do this very little so what wobble there is is not a big concern. JMO Michael
  25. SUNOFABRICK!!!!!! I knew there was something I was forgetting. I give you permission to name them what ever comes to mind. Sorry 'bout that. Michael
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