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  1. I have used the braided loops for the past couple of years and have not had problems with them. I can't tell any difference in casting distance or any other aspects. I will continue to use them as long as I don't have any problems with them.
  2. I have used snaps for over 20 years and never had any problems with them. Really could not imagine not using them as much as I change poppers and such. I get to spend more time fishing and less time tying on new flies. Win-win for me.
  3. Good luck on your quest, Fisherboy. That's what keeps us going is trying to catch something new and bigger.
  4. Fisherboy, Nothing against cats but I don't fish for them. My target is mainly bass.l love the fight a bass gives. I had already caught couple of nice bass and wanted to keep it going. But, I did do something that had not done before so it was a good day. Any day fishing is a good day.
  5. Capt. Bob, When I caught those 2 cats I did pick up and move. The next spot I moved to I went right back to catching bass and bream. I will adopt tour 2 cat rule, if you don't mind. Sounds like a good rule to have.
  6. Flafly, I think they were small channel cats. The creek where I caught them is full of small fish for them to eat. IN almost 30of fly fishing have never caught a cat on a fly rod, period. Just didn't know if have been leading a sheltered fishing life. Or maybe I was just weird or something!
  7. I caught a couple of catfish using poppers this past weekend. This is my first cats on poppers. Never had them hit poppers before. Anyone else caught cats on poppers before?
  8. You are right on that, Tidewater. It is an addiction.
  9. For painting you can get some cheap nail polish to paint the bodies with. Then put a coat or two of sally Hansen hard as nails as a clear coat. Craft paint also works good to paint the bodies. Stippled Popper show how to do some top notch paint jobs. He is the man!
  10. Sometimes trying to figure out what they want is the biggest problem I have. Some days I throw everything in my fly box and can't find what they want and sometimes they will hit whatever I throw to them. Trying to figure out what they want is what makes it so much fun.
  11. I tied up some foam ants, spiders and such to try and found that they work very good. Seems like I could always find something made of foam that fish would go after. Seems the simpler they are the better they work.
  12. I took me over 2 years to find my desk. I had almost given up when I found it. It is alot more organized than my old set up with plastic storage bins und the table. Now everything is in arms reach. If I don't have time to clean up when I get done tying, I can just pull the top down and nobody knows. Plus it locks so I can keep others from messing with my stuff.
  13. Jmox, Keep you eyes open on places like Craigslist and places like that. Took me a while to find a roll top desk that I could afford. I found mine at a moving sale for $175.00. Been tickles to death with it.
  14. I tried the glue 2 go. The bottle I got takes forever to dry. I got another bottle of loctite professional and it dries really fast. The glue 2go dries too slow for my taste but may be what you are looking for.
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