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  1. Not to totally derail the original post but a note of caution when doing the bow & arrow cast -

    (learned the hard way, mind*)


    • keep the rod hand and the line hand a fair distance apart,

    (the closer they come together, the greater the chance of snapping the rod tip).


    • try a barbless hook when learning this cast*



  2. I'm waiting for them to promulgate "all the benefits" of a reel that has the line

    coming out closer to the rod. Once the ground swell catches on, fly fishing and

    fly casting will be forever changed.


    How on earth have we survived this far?

  3. Ole & Sven are down at the local watering hole one night,

    drinkin' and yakkin'........


    Ole: "Ya know der Sven, I tink my Lena, I tink she may have died, yup."


    Sven: "Uff da! By golly now Ole, what makes you tink dat?"


    Ole: "Well ya know, the sex is dah same but the dishes keep piling up, yup."

  4. Thinking of retiring my old, old Caddis round float tube.

    Tough thing about buying a new tube is that you generally cannot

    try before you buy. One concern I have is a tube that turns out

    to have poor elbow room - where one has to constantly raise their

    elbows to get them out of the way of the tube's sides.


    What might you folks recommend out there?

    TIA !

  5. 13-OUNCE-RULEa-300x233.jpg



    What exactly is the USPS 13-Ounce mail rule?

    Glad you asked. The 13-Ounce Mail Rule requires that any mail piece weighing over 13 ounces that is mailed

    with postage stamps has to be presented in person to a USPS employee at the Post Office.


    Thought I'd add this little bit in the event of say a fly swap involving LARGE flies and

    for someone planning on mailing from their home.

    I just learned about the 13 oz./stamps rule the other day.

    12, 13 muskie flies & a package inside another package may hit that 13 ounce mark.

  6. The same weight double taper will take up more space than a weight forward.

    Sort of what I was thinking, just wasn't sure.


    What he said!...To figure out how much backing you need,

    load your spool in reverse order...This allows you to wind

    the fly line on less carefully without overloading the spool.

    Been doing that for years, and a while back I found some large line-spools

    the sportings goods store was going to bin. Their arbours are ~ 5" diameter

    and I use them to quickly wind & unwind line. A length of rod blank is an axle,

    another is a 'crank', works great, cheap too wink.png

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