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  1. Good morning everyone. Been lurking here for about 6 mths. I've spent most of my time looking thru the fly database. I am amazed at the level of expertise shown in the abundance of fly patterns here. WOW. I am a novice at tying. Been tying for less than a year, Using a Danvise. Most of what I tie are patterns for trout, and panfish. My flies are actually starting to look like something you'd want to purchase. This resource has been a great wealth of information. Thanks to everyone who participates and shares thier knowledge. I call the Driftless Area of WI my home for trout. Beautiful scenery, and an abundance of trout water to fish. Hatches are plentiful and the water is gin clear. The trout are spooky, which makes for a great day of stalking. Wild Browns and Brookies are the quarry and they do not disappoint. Thanks for reading, I hope to add to the collective knowledge of this forum when possible. Peace, Out. Here is a sample of a pink squirrel I tied, comments and suggestions are welcomed.
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