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  1. Thanks for the feedback. SilverCreek, I recognize ur name and look forward to seeing you at the Opener in a week That is a very good event. .
  2. Good advice. Thanks much. Looks like a lot of very detailed and useful info on your site. Attended a TU sponsored presentation Saturday where the DNR expert showed the results of research on Wisconsin local streams. Comparing the types, sizes and colors of bugs in the water and the stomach contents of trout. Will post a link when I find it, but by far Scuds made up the largest portion of fish diets. And a majority of the Scuds had a highly visible orange colored sack - think he said that was from bacteria. That fly is high on my growing to learn list.
  3. First off, I am new to tying - still waiting on my tools and vise to be delivered - and to this forum. But the information on this post is extremely valuable to a novice like me. Yes, I need to learn the basics, the techniques, materials and patterns. I will with practice. But it also makes me think what do I want to get out of the investment in time and gear? I guess my answer today is enjoyment. Learning as much as I can. And hopefully sharing with others as I do. Thanks for all the posts.
  4. I am just getting started and welcome any help. Besides, freebies keep me from lying to the Mrs. about how much I am spending on my new hobby!
  5. New here and new to tying. Live in Madison, WI and fish the Driftless. I welcome any input on how to get started, what to tie and what to avoid. Thanx
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